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  1. Default GM Whispered Me?

    Was afk'ing while waiting for drops and looked back to my screen to see this

  2. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    what a papayagot.

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    He just wanted you to inform everyone that they're checking who's in HT's cave, and presumably whether they're hacking.

    Does anyone even bother to hack HT anymore?

  4. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    Makes sense, but wouldnt they be better off banning the people who hack and dupe pomegranate, cause it is pineappleing obvious

  5. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    That would have scared me pomegranateless.

  6. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    That would freak me out.

  7. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    My girlfriend was in the other channel and wasn't whispered, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were just checking up on me. I was caught off guard to say the least, they usually just smega hi and bye. Didn't know they actually check who is in certain bosses.

    Someone smega'd a duped 38 att 21% luk mask shortly after the screenshot probably won't get banned.

  8. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?


    No, he was not banned.

  9. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    Further proving that most of the GMs are just bots.

  10. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    At least now it SEEMS they're active.

    Before they didn't even try to make it look like that.

  11. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    That's because they only logged on for 10 seconds to say hi to you, then probably promptly logged off shortly after.

    I noticed he called it "HornedTail" Am I missing some inside joke, or is that to imply the GMs have a sense of humor?

  12. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    Do they even block regular players from using those igns? When I was surfing MTS post-item-hacking, I noticed a guy named Snowla with a mule named after every server (SnowlaBER, SnowlaWIN, etc.)

    Which is either a GM MTSing a bunch of rare items (smiling mask, etc.) or a hacker can create those igns.

  13. Neon Atom Straight Male

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    Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    Afaik, there's some list in the WZ files that states all the (parts of) names that can't be used in character creation. I'll look it up. Quite sure BER/WIN are in that list, thus that it's hacker work (it somehow seems unlikely a GM sells a bunch of rare items).

    Edit: ForbiddenName.img in etc.wz:


    Seems like SnowlaBER/SnowlaWIN are 'legit'.

  14. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    @Stereo; those igns are legit I believe.
    My favorite one is "longjohnson"
    Some of them are just wierd though, ex. "tehpanlidboy"
    Blocked igns
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  15. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?


    GM presence, it's a mirror coil! Good how the GM wished you good luck when it was basically dead and you were just waiting for the timer to get drops though. Gotta be real lucky to deliver those final hits to the right arm.

  16. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    Just made characters called MazzWIN and MazzELN to see if either are blocked and they both worked.

    So hackers can now spawn Wizet hats, obtain Cygnus summon sacks and more or less host their own day of darkness events, and completely pass themselves off as legit GMs...


    While I'm at it, may as well add dc hacking still works as far as I'm aware so they can essentially ban people too. Why do I play this game?
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    Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    That was way more hilarious than I expected. A+ will read again.

  18. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    Is platypus actually blocked or is that just a new SP wordfilter thing?

  19. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    - too long for an IGN
    - not even spelled right

    Yup that's a Nexon list

  20. Default Re: GM Whispered Me?

    That's the SP filter for a female body part that is commonly referred to as a word relating to cats.



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