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    Cash0 StarWars Battlefront: 3 & 4 Cancelled.

    Moar of it


    This was one of the few games I could play on XboxLive in the original xbox. I had my hopes on this game...

  2. Desk Straight Male
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    Default Re: StarWars Battlefront: 3 & 4 Cancelled.

    It seems they just destroyed Battlefront 3.. just to make another one.

    Lucasarts must realize that this is one of the best franchise of all times, and make a worthy next-generation.

    Most likely it will be a reboot, but if it at least remains having the same gameplay and great maps the past games had, with next-gen graphics, this is going to be a really good game.

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    Default Re: StarWars Battlefront: 3 & 4 Cancelled.

    I find it better to not have any high hopes for anything Star Wars related anymore.

  4. Alligator Straight Male
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    Default Re: StarWars Battlefront: 3 & 4 Cancelled.

    I have lost all hope in any Star Wars game anymore. INCLUDING OLD REPUBLIC.



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