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    I was a little late to noticing this was uploaded by Nexon Japan...

    Currently working on English annotations. Sit tight. Never mind. Fuck it. My dad's girlfriend is talking on the phone too god damn loudly to hear what is being said.
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    Uh, not sure what the hell most of that was, but I take it that was Hilla vs. Phantom or something. As usual, wide/teary eye'd girls are saved by the fashionable suave hero.

    I wish I could disappear in a flash of cards like that...

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    Basically, Hilla is trying to claim ownership over Ereb by showing that she has the "Skaia" and that it sparkles in her hands, making her the true heir to the throne. Then Phantom steps in and is like "Aria had no children, so she left Ereb in the hands of her niece, Cygnus. Plus, that Skaia is fake. That's a rumor I made up and Skaia is a type of flower that Aria loved." etc. So then Hilla gets pissed that she's been found out, transforms back into her old self and says something long the lines of "This is not the last you'll see of me! The Maple World will fall to our knees!" or something stupid and villainy line like that. Then Phantom uses the same cheesy line he used on Aria to Cygnus and then disappears.

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    I am glad I understood most of that. Those voice actors were pretty good as well!

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    finally feels like an anime now that its in japanese.



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