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  1. Cash3 [Artist:Vasilios] Come On ,Black Mage!!!

    Hey,This is not my picture, i download from Chinese forum

    Do You Like?

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    Default Re: [Artist:Vasilios] Come On ,Black Mage!!!

    i lol'd at how effeminate the demon slayer looks.

    the nautilus reminds me of flying walreins, fuc'k yea

    the aran mount looks very ookami-ish

    and dat mir is gonna shred someone up

  3. Default Re: [Artist:Vasilios] Come On ,Black Mage!!!

    That's very impressive! I love seeing fanart. Nexon Japan hosts fanart contests a lot, so it's very common to see top-of-the-line fanart on the JMS page. It's neat to see such quality images from other versions as well.

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    Default Re: [Artist:Vasilios] Come On ,Black Mage!!!

    Noticed a lack of some adventurers o.o

    Cool pic though, pretty well drawn.



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