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    I dont know if this was brought up before but since body boost makes dark aura 40% damage boost 50% of the time dark aura would only give a 4-5% dmg boost and 30 m.att. How much m.att do you need to make finishing blow your main skill from 120 instead of aura?

    Note: Im not grinding at party play areas, the dot dmg is useless for me.

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    no need to bump a thread when it's only been 34 minutes....

    I don't even think bumping threads is allowed unless it's a recruitment/selling thread.

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    Assuming you start with level 1 FB and level 1 ADA, which does 122% dmg, and + 11% dmg with +1MA (there is absolutely no reason not to start with 1 of each, they're all 1-point wonders). There is no reason to say that DA/ADA only gives +5% damage because BB ADDS 40% damage to DA/ADA. The only time that DA would ever be reduced to +5% damage is when you have... +100%dmg from potential lines and Neb and maybe skills.

    For your next 29MA to surpass the increase in damage in FB, well, it just means that (29+totalMA)*1.2*1.22 < 1.8*totalMA*1.11, where I am ignoring your %DMG, %MA and +MA potential lines, and ignoring effects of CO and Battle Mastery (not sure where the multiplier inserts in the equation...). With a little rearrangement, you get:

    If you also consider BB, which I assume you activate as soon as CD resets, then you need to weigh both calculations by 50%, which then gives you:


    The only reason why this should be the case is because FB is now sickeningly powerful compared to pre-Union, when it just did 106-135% damage. For the old times, it would then need 173MA before FB pwns, which... well... for me meant that I needed virtually every single piece of EQ to have +MA (and I'm not rich so I can't afford any kind of godlies). 123 from staff, 15 from rings (the average person would have about 5-10), 8 from eye, face and shoulder (the unfunded person will have between 0 to 5), 1 from medal, 7 from cape (bargain), 11 from gloves (this was a really good bargain), 1 from shoe, maybe 5 from magic pill, and 13 from Blessing... on top of 11 from Staff Mastery and ADA1.

    tl;dr just max FB first. BB only improves things, and doesn't change the outcome.

    By the way, DoT does NOT work on party play monsters, or any monster with a Boss/Miniboss tag. The DoT will come in useful when killing on the move e.g. at ToT, because the DoT can do 1 or 2 ticks of damage to help bring down the mobs' HP sufficiently low for your next Teleport to kill them.

    And no bumping of threads here.




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