How do I apply?

To apply you go to the guild website at and fill out an application, or contact BluCalhoun (Me, Tristan) in game - GMS Khaini of course!

Why did I form this guild?

I created Olympia for a few reasons. First of all, I needed a better community. Before I created Olympia, I was in a great guild that I loved, and there were few problems if at all with it. But, that guild lacked one thing - community. There were a great number of people in the guild who were in fact very active, probably moreso than me. But nobody, for the most part, talked in the chat or did much at all. We had our weekly Pink Bean runs, but aside from that a few conversations would brew up in the alliance and nothing more.

What is the goal of Olympia?

Olympia is meant to be a professional guild. By professional, I do not mean uber-1337 damage soaring through the roofs, but people who are mature and are here for the fun. Not kids who are looking for someone to leech them, not an FM whore guild who jacks all the spots in FM1, just a bunch of people who want to have fun in a serious, friendly atmosphere, yet with the same professional attitude that are found in other guilds. I hope one day for Olympia to become a very large guild, with many members and a large alliance full of active users!