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Thread: Pendant?

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    If I forge and cube a tradeable pendant (100/110)

    - What even drops level 110 recipes? (I believe these are +8 primary stat)
    - What do they need to beat a 10 atk MoN, on characters with 180 ~ 350 attack, and 80% str (from other gear)
    - Is there some other tradeable pendant that's a better option?

    - Is it worth doing this, just to replace MoNs?

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    Default Re: Pendant?

    I would say it definitely isn't worth it to replace MoN. You're much better off working towards HTP/CHTP. I guess the only reason to get the 100/110 pendents would be if you plan to use one on multiple characters very frequently to avoid (p)sok. Even in that situation, cubing them would not be cost effective compared to virtually any other equip due to low demand and resale value

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Pendant?

    The MoN is worth about 6% damage to you (depends on how much 5 str is worth to those chars).

    To get more than that on a pendant with no attack and no str (sorry, idk what those pendants come with on base) you'd need 12% str.

    Way more NX than it's worth, in my opinion.

  4. Default Re: Pendant?

    4 or 8 str (100 or 110) so I ignored that aspect.

    I'm probably going to forge one anyway cause my Aran can't get a MoN (and is the one with 350 atk, so it's least useful there anyway, only 2.8% so ~ 5.1% str), is currently using a clean Deputy Star.

    I have 4 4th job Warriors (and a Cannoneer), 2 of them have a MoN, so I'm thinking cubing 1 pendant for str < buying/cubing 2 or 4. I don't switch every day, but it is enough that I wouldn't want to continually be buying SoKs either.

  5. Default Re: Pendant?

    Why can't your Aran get a MoN?
    All jobs can cwkpq since big bang.

  6. Default Re: Pendant?

    I don't really know anyone who bosses regularly, and CKPQ needs a lot of people.

    Also when they announced it was back they said only Explorers and Legend classes. So I figured that meant no heroes.

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    Default Re: Pendant?

    Well Arans can do CWKPQ just fine.
    All 3rd job buffs activate the sigils.
    And just the other day I made a pendant just for the fun and it came 3% str. I equipped it and my range dropped around ~800 range (from a 12 Atk MoN) and I only have around 50% str. So if you have 80% str I'm pretty sure 3%Str can beat out any MoN.

  8. Default Re: Pendant?

    Thats not how it works.
    Him having more % str than you would actually make % str less effective for him, compared to you.

  9. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful

    Default Re: Pendant?

    You have it backwards. The more %str he has already, the less 3% does for him.



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