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  1. Default Inside Breivik's head.

    For thos who don't remember this is concerning the slaughter in norway on the lone island

    I read it and I was kind of scared because I can empathize with his frustration. His apathy is...astonishing if anything

  2. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    HE doesn't want multiculturalism... so he acts on his own ideas which is to purge and make an impact? Ghandi wouldn't want to have tea with this guy...

    My opinion? I don't quite understand him, because he made himself virtually inhumane - not irrationale, but not fully logical anymore because detaching the human aspect of thinking makes thinking go awry. I feel that, following his lines of thoughts, 1) he has become blinded, 2) innocent people are "casulties of wars to be expected", or 3) I don't know. I am not for violence, and most certainly not for taking lives. Look - what the heck did that policeman or manager do? I simply can't understand his actions.

    Can someone enlighten me what the meaning of nationalist is? And what does the youth Labour Party have to do with this? If this question sounds stupid, forgive me, but I am quite clueless right now.


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    Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    I find it very ironic that he was against the immigration of Muslims, but uses knowledge and information from al Qaeda to essentially pull this off.

    In the part dealing with the frustration. He had much better options than this. He could have moved to an area that was more secluded with less immigration, among other options.

  4. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    Agree with his message, disagree with his actions. Guy is nuts.

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    Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    I hope they don't kill him. He deserves to be in solitary confiment the rest of his life.

    This kind of people who hates on immigrants like this, they are just crazy.

  6. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    How the hell can any sane person agree with this man's message.
    @above he needs to die you can't just spend the rest of your life in a person cell after killing that many people. If he was willing to kill then he should be prepared to be killed.

  7. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    Because his message and his actions are two very very different things.

  8. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    where is his death sentence ?

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    Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    @hadriel; IIRC, the massacre occurred during a youth labor party retreat. Many European nations (particularly Scandinavian ones?) have a Middle Eastern immigration "problem" because the immigrants effectively construct their own isolated communities and do little if anything to adopt the culture of their new nations. I'm taking an educated guess that "nationalists" refer to those that reflect traditional Norwegian values and culture as opposed to immigrants that continue the practices of their original countries.

    Norway doesn't have a death penalty.

    Note: I am not Norwegian and this is just what I've heard/read.

    IMO, this pineappleer needs to rot in solitary prison for a long, long time. That's worse than death for me. My only worry is that his defense lawyer might get away with some sort of insanity plea.

  10. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    We do not have death penalties in scandinavia and the rest of europe.
    And i actually hope he's gonna be declared insane, no psychiatrists will ever sign that he's sane so that's a permanent lock-up.

  11. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    will there be any difference to his sentence if he's declared insane ?

  12. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    He's pretty much insane. Luckly we ain't got no death penalitys here in europe, may that madman rot in prison. He's just...
    ...he's way too nuts. Killing for that reson is just...what.

    "Breivik used the video game "Modern Warfare 2" as training for his shooting, he testified."
    Oh god, please let the law ignore that. Because if they're going to generalize shooter-gamers to terrorists again...

  13. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    It's already been emphasized on some news articles out there I believe. Media exaggeration here we come once again.

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    Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    He might have made that up to make Al Qaeda the villain.

    May he rot in prison forever. Conveying a message like this is never the answer and will ultimately not be received because of the cruel way he tried to get it across.

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    Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    I've seen way too many people claiming this. Sure, the first test indicated that he would be irresponsible. However, Breivik claimed that he cheated this test, but later regretted it stating that a diagnosis that he is criminally insane would be “worse than death.". And he was serious. In the next test, he wasn't irresponsible.

    Personally, I do not want that he will be treated like a patient of somekind. Here in Finland, police didn't imprison a man, because he was found to be irresponsible during the homicide and they set him free claiming that he "had recovered" from the irresponsibility. I'm convinced that Breivik was fully aware of his actions, which is beyond disgusting to think and that's why it may be easy to see him as an animal of some sort. Breivik is an extremist in Nazism and Christian Extremism. Norway tragedy was a well measured, cold and very inhuman political terrorism instead of a berserk and impetuous action that an insane person would make. It was a one man 9/11. Well... At least I hope he worked alone. I'm still not completely sure about that, simply because HE claims so.

    And I find it offensive against the victims and their relatives, that this piece of crap is getting the attention he wants. Even if some of the victims said that it works as a therapy for them.

  16. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    This was what i thought. I was pretty mad when people started claiming that he was insane. He is not. He can think perfectly fine, if not, how the hell did he plan it like a 'pro' ? He's just and idiot that went overboard.. like wwaaaayyyy overboard that they should bring him over to asia and give him a death sentence. Killing people and claiming insane to avoid any form of punishments is disgusting. Insane or not, this man should get what he deserves just like any other terrorists out there.

  17. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    Insanity doesn't mean incompetent, he would be claiming it as he can rationalize his actions and can't fathom what he was doing. Although he admits to knowing it was wrong initially, he essentially went off an adrenaline rush once he started.

  18. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    That basically voids anyone who do such acts of punishment because essentially anyone who would even think of doing that is technically insane.

  19. Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    To give you an example, it be like your mother killing me for molesting you. In this case it seems like willful intent, which is pretty clear in my eyes though.

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    Default Re: Inside Breivik's head.

    Someone explained it well in Yahoo answers:



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