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  1. Default Phantasy Star Online 2

    So, this game went into Closed Beta test yesterday and Polantaris and I got it.

    So far, I'm loving this game. The combat is a much needed improvement over the first two (PSO and PSUO) games, in my opinion. It's much more engaging. What's more is, their graphics engine allows for a HUGE player base. In other words, on my dying PCs that can barely get MapleStory above 10FPS anymore, I'm running this game nearly 100% lagless. The only times my screen starts getting choppy is when too much is going on at once, which isn't very often. The only gripe I have so far is that Sega's servers are ass; massive lag, constant disconnects, etc.

    Anywho, I recorded a test video with XFire to see how well I can run the game with a video recorder. I didn't notice a drop at all in my frame rate while playing, but the recorded video seems to say otherwise. I'm not sure why it's so choppy...

    Enjoy the choppiness

    I'll try to get more videos out, but I'll try using Fraps the next time. Maybe Polantaris will record a video or two as well, since (s)he can run the game at the highest settings with no issues at all, while I'm stuck at the very minimum settings. xd

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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    I'm so looking forward to this!
    I had so much fun with all the PSO versions, even with the PSP one.
    what are the optimal pc specs? ( I might have to upgrade it)

  3. Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    -Apparently, I doubled posted somehow-

  4. Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    OS | Windows XP (SP3) Japanese / Windows Vista / 7 32bit・64bit Japanese
    CPU | Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or higher
    Memory | Windows XP:1.5GB or higher / Windows Vista / 7:2GB or higher
    HDD Space | 8GB or more
    Monitor Display | 1280720 or higher
    Graphics Card | NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT or graphics cards of that caliber or higher
    Sound Card | DirectSound(DirectX 9.0c or higher)
    DirectX | DirectX 9.0c or higher
    Internet Connection | Broadband

    *can't get table tags to work properly*

    My OS isn't Japanese, though, and I can play it just fine.

    In any case, XFire's broadcast is working for me now, so...

    I'm interested in how well it'll run.

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    I've never recorded with XFire, but check your recording settings, maybe the FPS is set really low.

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    Oh man, i gotta get in on this, gonna bring back memories of me and my friends playing phantasy star universe online on xbox when it was free.

  7. Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    What do you need that for?

  8. Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    I could have sworn an Error I gotten was because my computer didn't have a Japanese based internet browser.

  9. Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    It's a setting on the browser.

    If you use Chrome, hit the Wrench, then go to Tools -> Encoding -> Japanese(SHIFT_JIS). You can do it with IE as well but who uses that POS?

    I can stream it smoothly if anyone is interested. I streamed the Alpha 2 test, but almost no one showed up so I didn't bother for Beta. If people are interested, I can. Let me know. No more playing this morning though, the servers went to pomegranate again. Always happens around this time, when the Japanese players are on the most. Poor people...they can't even play the game when they want to. Thankfully the servers are practically lagless when there's no one on. From what I understand, it's because the client is sending too much data for the servers to handle in excess, so they go crazy. Apparently they've been looking into it.

    Anyway, if even a few people are interested in a stream I can stream it tomorrow afternoon (EST) til the servers go to crap again/they do another maintenance.

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    I guess I'll have to hop on when they do the Japanese Open Beta then.

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    I'm going to start streaming in a few minutes if anyone is interested.


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    Uploaded two videos to Youtube based on the stream I did earlier today:

    First: Hour long full exploration of the Volcano Zone (It's random every run, but I explored my entire instance of it).

    Second: During a Forest Exploration, I ran into ダック・ラグネ who is, in my opinion, the hardest boss in the Beta. Had some complications during the fight, which made it especially intense and so I decided to upload that as well.

    There's a high pitched hum during the videos. I apologize for this, I didn't even know it was there (no one told me in the Stream), and I don't feel like adding some ill-placed music to the video, so feel free to turn off the sound if it bothers you.

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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    You guys have no idea how badly I want to see this in the US. Me playing this is honestly my MMO playing hobby finally coming full circle.

    The only reason i ever even got into Maple Story. was because of Phantasy Star Online for the Gamecube. I honestly thought the idea of MMOs downright sucked until i got my hands on it.

    But why did i even BUY PSO if i thought MMOs sucked? Because I was a huge Chao fan for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle YEARRRSSS AGO... and i spent 50$ just to get the rare tails chao you could only get with a copy of Phantasy Star Online. Somewhere along the line I got addicted to hunting rares and started wishing I could take it online. Two problems, my parents would never spend monthly for a game and i couldn't even FIND a modem for the gamecube.

    Some years later... i ended up searching 'free online game' and up popped Maple Story.

    So yeah... I'm here on these forums because of a Tails Chao.

    True Story.

    by the time i was able to get my own bank card, PSO had long been officially offline. and no, PSU didn't seem all that fun so i skipped playing that online (However, i did still play the story mode, it was fun in that cheesy kind of way) Phantasy Star Portable 2 IS A VERY GOOD TAKE ON THE PSU FORMULA THOUGH, streamlined much better, chain system improves bossing, guns don't completely suck and more. Try it if the PSU 'universe' interested you but hated the original's gameplay.

    ... oh gawd i fangasm'd all over this post didn't i? JUST GIVE ME PSO 2 PLEASE.

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    From what I hear, everyone who got into CBT can invite 3 other people. I can invite you if you want, Seanny, to play it.

    Considering how Sega America is handling PSU for the 360...I don't trust a US release to even be very playable. I'll be sticking to the JP version myself for that reason, even if we do get a US version (Much like how if we get a US version of Monster Hunter Frontier Online, I won't transfer there either).

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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    I thank you for the offer, but with my schedule currently I wouldn't be able to play much if at all. I'd feel like I'd be wasting your invite. =[ Though out of curiosity, how managable is the game with no knowledge of Japanese?

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    Completely. While I do know Japanese, I haven't really had to use any of it at all. All it takes is getting to know where things are at.

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    The hardest part is the Matter Board, which is needed to unlock quests. Most of the time it's just "Clear this quest", "Kill this monster for this item", or "Talk to this NPC", but you kind of need to be able to reference some symbols between menus to be able to determine what exactly you are doing for each stage.

    Most of everything else can be figured out with Trial and Error though if necessary.

  18. Default Re: Phantasy Star Online 2

    Or following that one guy's blog for answers.



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