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  1. Default Range of Dark Impale?

    Quick question. Can Dark Impale hit bird statues from safe spot at PB? If not, can Soul Driver do it?

    As a DB, I can hit them with Vampire, but I must jump cast to reach them, and it is just too slow when solo. Would be nifty if my DrK wife could help out with that.

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    Default Re: Range of Dark Impale?

    it always could, even before the upgrade it received now, but you had to be very careful.

    now, it's a lot easier to hit with it.

    soul driver doesn't reach i think, but i never bothered trying it, so i can't say.

    EDIT: oh, forgot to say, you have to jumpcast impale.

    also, on ariel, you can spam SD from the platforms above, or jumpcast impale from the platform below. dunno which ends up better damage, but after the last patch i'd say impale 100%.

    and crash is always nice to have.

  3. Default Re: Range of Dark Impale?

    Range of Dark Imaple

    Range of Soul Driver

    Range of Vampire

    I'd say it's a safe bet that Dark Impale won't be able to do the job if you're trying to reach vertically, but if you're jumping, I'd assume so. Soul Driver might be able to do it, but Soul Driver has the biggest vertical range of the three.

    Edit : Mr. Deep Red got to it before me. :<

  4. Default Re: Range of Dark Impale?

    Thanks for the input @ShinkuDragon; @Link;.

    Me and the wifey jumping with impale and vamp should easily do the job then. The rest of the statues I kill with Phantom Blow 20 times as fast as jumping with the vamp. And god bless Chains of Lol, it will render me safe from the actual beans DR.



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