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    Default Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Wondering what it might be.

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Eric Class with Quadruple Hurricane that can hit up to 15 mobs 15 times for 500% damage.

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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    there's a discussion on it (or rather, southperry being southperry) on the dev blog notice.

    but i'm pretty sure it's gonna be something masteria related. seeing how much it needs a "hero"

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    The gum-chewing kid!
    I mean yeah, the video shows him as a Mech, but that doesn't mean he has to stay that way, does it? Or rather, it's a perfect jumping-board for a PIRATE HERO!

  5. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    It COULD be possible that it really is the pirate hero. When nexon uses the word "exclusive", they use it in the sense of "We got it first" not "It's only for that version"

    For example, NBC might have an exclusive news story about the president. That just means you'll hear it for the first time from them but doesn't mean they'll be the only one to ever publish or talk about it.

    Maybe global decided they don't want to keep creating so many new classes at first like kms and wanted to finish off legend first. It would also definitely bring players to their game which they seem to lack according to some sources. If it is indeed a brand new class, it would most likely have to be

    not a KoC
    not a resistance
    not a legend
    not a regular adventurer
    not a KoC instructor

    So that means it'll have to be a brand new branch. If that's the case they'll probably keep expanding that entire branch of 5 classes, 1 of each subclass [warrior mage etc]. With the rate kms is going with pirate hero, thief resistance, and now KoC instructors, it'll be an extremely long time to finish off an entire new branch.

    I just hope it isn't beyond stupid though and nexon NA gave it some thought as to everything that goes with making a brand new class.

  6. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    If the KMS heroes are the M.A.P.L.E heroes, so I am expecting a S.T.O.R.Y ones...

  7. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?


    In all seriousness, Nexon does love giving my best attack to f'uck tons of classes... I hope its something original and cool, but knowing GMS it will either suck or be way too overpowered and overshadow other classes.

  8. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    A "hero" is eather the job "Hero" AKA warrior revamp, yet that's not really applying to all warriors.
    But if they're already prepading it, it must be from NexonUSA, after all they have already started.
    Beeing the only possibility the pirate hero, I wonder what stuff they will let him use. Knuckles are semi-confirmed, but...
    ...after all, we've got another archer to go. IfyouknowwhatImean.png

  9. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Where did you see this?
    So it will be no dex character?
    Bleh... LF> Phantom

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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Since they said hero class, it should obviously have Intrepid Slash.
    -troll face-

  11. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    I'm just so curious as to what kind of class it's going to be. I don't care whether it's a Pirate/Bowman/etc., I just want to know what kind of tree (Hero, gaiden, etc.) character it'll be. So much suspense.

  12. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Sadly, this is highly unlikely.

    Seeing the other "exclusive content" GMS has, like 100 ATK Apples, 1000 MATK potions, and all kinds of other crazy crap (Only available for a short time or otherwise) that's been released in GMS and no other version(and therefore an example of the content they create), am not the slightest bit hopeful that this will be balanced.

    The only (technically) bright side to this is that they'll probably do an awful job testing it, and as such it will take a few years before it even works properly, so it won't be toooooo bad right away.

  13. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Just because they are preparing a new hero doesnt mean its going be a class, it could be a hero in a storyline or a new boss aswell.

  14. Idiot. Male
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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

  15. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    When I read that line, that was indeed my first thought. Looking at the state of NLC atm, it would make sense that a GMS original character is Masteria based. You already have potential job instructors as well. They could easily turn that Archer girl with the tiger or the boomerang chick into job instructors. Not to mention easily making a character created around the same basis as the Nebulite system, as in they use the technology "left behind" by the Aliens.

  16. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Please please please please be Manji.

  17. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    If this were to be a job developed under GMS' concepts I wouldn't expect too much of it. I hope people isn't eager to forget Masteria's recent update. I can understand why you'd want to but don't.

    I myself lean more, both logically and expectantly, for the Pirate Hero. It makes sense to pull this strategy. The decreasement of the MS playerbase is evident everywhere, even here in Southperry. We all know how much attention the big patches Nexon Korea releases bring to them, even dragging players from all versions to them, so it makes sense NexAm would put the effort to release whatever class Korea is planning for this summer along with KMS, if not even sooner. The term exclusive can lead to think it's something available to us only (for that time) but if GMS were to release the Pirate Hero just a week before its release in Korea, it would still an exclusive release to GMS for that one week.

    I seriously hope this is it. I am not one to get excited by MS updates anymore, but the idea of GMS getting the Pirate Hero before even KMS thrills me a lot. On the other hand if we got a Manji job or a Lita Lawless job it'd just find it so blatantly stupid an unecessary as the people that thought the same of Mikhail.

  18. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    They could make 5 classes based off of the 5 status in CWK or even the twisted masters disciples. I know there's no pirate but hmm

    Stormbreakers-Warriors uses spears

    Wind raider- Archer with crossbow

    Nightshadow-thief with dagger

    ???- A pirate with a gun Just a thought.

  19. Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    Well you can try nexon.
    I have a feeling its not going to be masteria related at all and probably just kms being nice to us and letting us get the pirate hero.

  20. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Default Re: Exclusive Hero for GMS?

    There's a huge difference between creating a class that makes no sense story-wise and creating a class that would add depth into one of MapleStory's side-stories, i.e., BALROG.



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