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Thread: Site Status

  1. Default Site Status

    We're up and mostly functional, if held together by band-aids.

    The status page will have to continue waiting because I now have 4 hours before work and could not begin to give a further fuck if I tried.

    No guarantees as to the stability of the site until I can reinstall large chunks of it's infrastructure that just got brutalized. Deal with it.

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    Default Re: Site Status

    What caused it to go down in the first place? DDOS attack (doesn't seem like it, but I'll put it out anyway)? Software update fail? System crash?

  3. Alligator Straight Male
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    Default Re: Site Status

    Yea, that's what I wanna know.

  4. Default Re: Site Status

    Im also curious as to what caused such a catastrophic failure in the site that you report it as being "brutalized"

  5. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Default Re: Site Status

    From about an hour ago.

  6. Default Re: Site Status

    Because of "an undocumented dependency that upgraded it's way in without warning."

  7. Default Re: Site Status

    A simple PHP regex library upgrade convinced the server that it no longer had APC installed and that the only way it could have it were if it upgraded PHP two versions higher but the repo for it decided that the existing version didn't have dependencies it needed so the upgraded couldn't continue and now we're some tortured mix of three different versions of PHP, one of which actually managed to sideways-update MySQL down an alternate fork from the official version, killing it temporarily and leaving who knows what support issues lurking in it now that half the options it was using flag as invalid.

    tldr; The whole site is having an identity crisis and we're running on swap space instead of an APC just for the sake of making the forum "go".

    Search in particular is dead right now because it's trying to use a function that doesn't exist in the version we already were. Figure that one out.

    Long story short, I have to reinstall MySQL, PHP, PEAR/PECL, APC and who knows what else at some point to try to put us together again. (And it likely won't happen before Sunday, so buckle in)

    Not a damn word made sense to 90% of you, aren't you glad you asked?

  8. Default Re: Site Status

    It makes sense. I just don't understand how that would even happen. Well it's good that it's up and running though.

  9. Default Re: Site Status

    That would be the 20 million dollar question right there.
    That sort of random freak out isn't something one normally expects in Linux. If anything absolute refusal to do anything because it might cause issues is more common.

  10. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
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    Default Re: Site Status

    I really love Eos' humour.
    So crude, so straight to the point.
    I love him, no homo.
    Well at least I always learn something from his post.

  11. Default Re: Site Status

    Say it outloud without taking a breath and then I might be able to understand it completely.

    As for now, I'm gathering it's some sort of technical issue, possibly involving a rubber duck and 3 gallons of decaffeinated coffee. Right?

    Glad the site is up again though

  12. Default Re: Site Status


    But good job Eos on getting us back up, even if just barely. Guess I won't be using "What's New" for a while.

  13. Default Re: Site Status

    That made complete sense to me and I'm an idiot. I think it's safe to say your figure is off.

    Anywho, that sucks that this happened, but as you said, we'll just have to deal with it. I hope you can get this working soon. I have faith in you. Good luck! Don't work too hard on our behalf.

  14. Default Re: Site Status

    I didn't ask but I'm glad you answered :)

  15. Default Re: Site Status

    goodguy eos tells us what we dont understand

    telling us makes us love you more than anyone else on the internet (read: certain nameless gaming companies)


  16. Default Re: Site Status

    His explanation made some kind of twisted sense. What I got is that stuff the site depends upgraded itself without warning because it thought we had some stuff we didn't and/or didn't have some stuff we actually did. This apparently triggered other stuff to downgrade and make stuff break. In the end we've got some stuff that partially upgraded 2 versions while others downgraded making somewhat of a frankenstein monster of our dear Southperry.

  17. Default Re: Site Status


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    Default Re: Site Status


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    Default Re: Site Status

    I am the 90%.

    (OK I actually understood a little, but that ruins my hilarious joke)

  20. Default Re: Site Status

    That 90% includes the much larger portion of viewers who aren't registered, I remind you silly monkeys.



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