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Thread: LHC Quests?

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    So I accepted the quests, I have a quest telling me to talk to "jenn" to help him defeat the "red crocky"? I found this npc in first tower, However he isn't giving any quest or information.

    I can't pass the first tower. As it is blocked until I start the quest. Has anyone passed this quest ?

    Apologies if this doesn't make sense, It's a lil late here.

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    Hmm, have you tried the portal at the top? A bunch of red crockies should be in there, same HP as normal crockies, I think, kill em all and talk to his brother. If not, I'm clueless.

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    Tells me, I cannot enter without a key.

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    Same problem.

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    Same problem as well. Checked my quest log, seems like it is because I completed the "Key to First Tower" quest already, but dropped the key. =/

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    Same problem as well. Considering I can't advance, I'm just Hyper Teleporting around collecting ETC drops and doing further story quests...

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    I think I know why this is happening, I just logged on my DK, And it gives the old quest to introduce you to LHC.
    "Jenn the locksmith" (the quest that involves saving jen's brother)

    However those who have completed the quest already don't get this quest again. Also the repeat quest to regain the key is no longer available. (because 1st/2nd/3rd tower anis no longer exist) Making the quest unstartable. and LHC unusable without a hyper rock.

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    I luckily had the quest 'incomplete' somehow and completed it again, only to find out there was Luden blocking the way asking me to do the same exact quest I just did.


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    Lucky for me I hadn't dropped the key, so I could do these quests.
    Got me to fight Ani and get the mystery mastery book (S> Rush 20 in Kradia, lol) and a lesson on what (mystery) mastery books are, and I can now walk freely inside the Keep.
    Didn't need to collect 200 helmets or any of that stuff.
    Also, drop rate of poos is absurd. What are they for?

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    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 260
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    How about not requiring 200 etc for the keys in the first place lol, they half converted this place into a theme dungeon and of course left the mobs in the desired form for training but made the quests reflect drops that would come from mobs that are easy to kill. Over 200 crockies since etc isn't a 100% drop, and I'm lvl 115 so thats 1.5-2 billion hp I have to tear through lol. One mob at a time since the glitch channels (do they still exist?) are obviously being used and looted by others lol. Not trying to be a complainer, but by the time I'm strong enough to do this in a non-rage inducing way, I'll be too high the benefit from the Ani boxes =p

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    Next week's maintenance

    Unless they plan to finish it all on Friday.



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