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Thread: UA summon

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    A friend of mine has a UA and after the recent patch the UA didn't have the skill for summoning a sprite. I was wondering if this is a bug or if only new UAs get the skill?

  2. Default Re: UA summon

    I'm fairly sure that you have to do a quest in order to get that skill.

  3. Default Re: UA summon

    Yea, I got it after accepting a quest from the lightbulb.

    The only issue I'm wondering is, is the 500 HP, 300 MP (UA Thief) skill suppose to appear on the skill list? I got the bonus HP & MP, but no skill for that appeared in the skills.

  4. Default Re: UA summon

    I don't think the HP/MP bonus was a skill.
    I think they just added it to your pool



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