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  1. Default Pink bean without crash

    So, i attempted my first pink bean solo yesterday, and it was all going fine until around 3 minutes in, i got to the left hawk statue(the name escapes me).
    Honestly, how is it even possible to kill this thing without crash?
    It spams damage reflect, and from my experience the interval between its 25 second DRs is close to 3-4 seconds. There were many times in which i could only get off one or two attacks before it DRed again.
    Ive attempted to time the dr, but to no avail as it has 2 different DRs, which it alternates in using.

    After around 10 minutes trying to pick away at it, i finally messed up and died.
    I know we see pink bean solos in KMS every other week, but how do they do it?
    I dont think they all have enough hp to just tank dr either.
    Any tips or advice will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    which class? good amount of classes can stand behind the yellow dot and spam at it from there with one skill or another

  3. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Im a dual blade, my phantom blow just barely misses it from behind the rope.

  4. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    if its spamming 2 different drs, one is magic and one is physical. itll be safe to attack during the one you arent.

  5. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    One of them hits me around 9k, the other one hits 30k, both of them dont let me attack.

  6. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Perhaps this could be of assistance?

  7. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Specifically for that statue, spam chains, maybe? You don't get hit with damage reflect when using chains, so it's much safer, though that does little to solve the problem that you don't do much damage when it has damage reflect up.

  8. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    What, the solution to his problem is to just get a 300k range and 100% boss and a 50k range?

  9. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Spam vampire like a boss lol . That's just the only lazy way around it or pay attention to what pops up.

    Edit: forgotten all about chains of hell already but eh, I rarely use it these days not that often that I don't see DR coming up or I just avoid it completely.

  10. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Watching that is what made me attempt it in the first place.
    However, he has 60k hp and just keeps attacking until DR hits him, which he easily tanks.
    I can only attack while the statue is attacking, for fear of death.
    well, i know what the dr animation is, its just that the reflect starts a few ms before the animation actually shows up.

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    Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    You have to use some kind of long range move...I'm not familiar with DB's, but does CoH hit it? The sed statue is kind of a pain too for melee because PB sed lasts so long...

  12. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    So I guess the way to do it is to have 57k HP. lol.

  13. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    No, I just thought it could help with timing or show when it's safe to attack and when it isn't.
    No need to be rash.

  14. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    The only safe way around DR for a DB is to spam CoH if you have no vampire for the statues anyways. Vampire goes as far as a NL's star basically so its easily the only long range skill a DB has to use (not counting the lame ass owl spirit).

  15. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    I'll try again with CoH and see. i didnt know CoH made you not take damage from dr.

  16. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Mhm, completely invincible, except for the short period in which it has to cast DS again, which gets removed during the DB revamp, so after that, completely invincible while using chains.

    To clarify, during that short period, you can be hit by monster attacks, but you're still unaffected by damage reflect, though since you wouldn't be attacking, it wouldn't be a problem anyway, but, just in case clarification was needed.

  17. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Yeah well vamp only does like 400% damage per cast which is pretty pomegranatety. Since 1 DR does 10k damage automatically and the other does 3k-30k automatically, you need to have at least a 417k range to always heal enough to counteract the DR.

  18. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Im pretty sure he's talking about using vampire to stand behind the "line" past which the statue uses skills.
    If you stand behind this invisible line, it doesnt do much.

  19. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    Oh lol.
    Never been to PB, had no idea.
    I'd always wondered if you could just tank a boss's DR by using a lifesteal, but I guess only the incredibly godly really can.

  20. Default Re: Pink bean without crash

    DR makes your attacks do 1 damage on the boss, so no, even the godly cannot.



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