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Thread: The Help Thread

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    I decided to make a thread to help with basic things, these include but are not limited to:
    • What champion should I buy next?
    • What's the best build for this champion
    • I need help on where to ward
    • Which item should I rush first
    • Is it wrong to do this or that?

    And I start it with a question myself:
    Which champion should I buy, MF or Irelia? I have very few champions for Top (Nasus, Teemo, Wukong) and I feel like they're situational, but Irelia seems like one of the best tops out there. And I have a lot of AD carries but MF seems to be one of my best, I play her a lot when she's free.

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    I haven't played Irelia since her Hiten Style nerfs but I'm sure she'll still viable. Right now I believe Shen, Olaf, Vlad, Shyvana and Lee Sin are among the best picks for solo top.
    Double WoTa is also pretty popular, champs which utilize this by going top include Kennen, Rumble, Lulu, and Vlad.

    Miss Fortune is the strongest early game duelist of the AD carries. She's great with aggressive supports and even with Janna simply because of her shield's bonus AD. You pick Miss Fortune with the mindset you're gonna win your lane and snowball.

    Kind of got carried away and didn't realize you were just asking between MF and Irelia but I'd say go for MF if you're confident in your early game dominance or go for Irelia if you want to passively farm then become a monster later. To be honest though there are better picks than Irelia now for top lane. Sustain is everything in top lane and hers took a decent hit.

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    How to be aggressive in lane? :(

    I play way too defensive / passive even if I have the match-up advantage...

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    during laning

    bot lane:
    defensive, order of importance
    your lane bush when enemy is about to be on a push
    tribush @ beginning of game if jungler is near bot to prevent lvl 2 ganks (situational)
    dragon / tribush (if youre rich) or south of dragon giving view near tribush & around river bush & edge of vision is on dragon area (if youre poor)

    enemy lane bush
    enemy buffs

    mid lane:
    either side bushes (both) or near enemy wraiths and riverside tip of long bush

    top lane:
    be really careful until after you go b and get ward(s)
    then --
    close to baron (little upriver) is usually enough, if youre getting camped and on purple put 1 in the tribush
    if youre ahead or can wipe waves quickly, ward enemy buffs (lower priority)

    if youre teemo, dont buy wards. shrooms and wriggles are enough.
    if youre lee sin, kat, or jax, always have a ward on you.

    post laning:

    baron area enemy jungle
    your jungle, in bushes / near blue (if behind)
    enemy buffs
    enemy jungle (if ahead)

    after laning, it should be not the ad carry buying wards and about 2/3rds the support.
    but during laning, the ad carry should always get 1-2 ward(s) to help the support cover everything and never more than 1 at a time.

    errrrrrrr i think thats about it

    edit: @Dark Link
    as long as you have these laning wards up, you can be as aggressive as you want. just pay attention to your minimap and back off when the jungler pops in.
    if youre asking not because youre afraid of being ganked but just want to farm the lane or something, maybe you should play top lane or heal supports instead...

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    the "bot lane, your bush" ward is not situational, but defensive, and is the only ward i always want to have during laning. the only supports i get mad at are the ones who dont place it. even if you dont ward dragon / tribush, you need this ward to prevent free harass from the enemy support while theyre pushing. and its mostly because i can freeze the lane just out of our tower range for a loooooooong time, something i dont generally see people trying to do and something only really good junglers ever even attempt to take advantage of (i has a sad).

    the rest are good and give good visuals of what i tried to convey

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    Tbh Manu, I would get MF. She's pretty damn good right now as an AD carry; the free MS from her passive, her pseudo-ranged harass with Double Up, and the healing debuff (W's active) makes her a champ to contend with in a bot lane right now.

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    I'd say which champion you buy is down to what role you play more.

    If you are after a top, you can get Irelia, but at the moment shes lost some (if not all) of her early game from her sustain nerfs. To get it back you need to go a life steal item first like wriggles and then shes k, but she gets badly harassed before that point. Shes still a good threat later though.

    MF would be a good pick if you want a laning dominant carry. However her cons begin to show if you cannot snowball out of your lane. Past mid game her best bet is just to auto attack than use any of her skills including her ult, and shes only 550 range with no escaping ability once her passive is knocked off. That's not to say she isn't bad though. Shes my favorite carry to play personally.

    Also good times when MF was viable solo top.

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    More info on dem Wards, granted majority of it is through a Support's perspective :/

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    I was actually thinking of making a thread myself, because i have some questions which i'm sure must be painfully obvious for those level 30, but here we go:

    Carry: Some champions are labelled things like Support, Tank, Pusher etc, which are quite obvious, but i don't know what Carry means in terms of a role.

    Spellvamp: I noticed from playing Ahri (who is now my new favourite) that after 9 spells she gains 35% spellvamp. Is it just like life drain except it drains mana?

    Lanes: What are the differences in the lanes? why do some people pick lanes? are certain champions better suited for certain lanes? how? I've always done pretty well in all lanes, regardless of champion, so i don't understand why people have preferences (other than that the middle lane doesn't have easily accessible grass for stealthing)

    Baron/Dragon: I know from playing the tutorial that defeating the dragon gives your team a gold boost, but what does killing the Baron give? and is it a viable strategy in a match? i've never seen the baron or dragon being slayed in any of my matches so far, does it help to turn the battle at all? or do i not need to worry about it since i'm only level 11?

    I know i must sound like such a noob with some of these, but everyone just seems to expect you to know it all from the start, i feel like i'm missing something.

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    A carry is someone who scales well with items and gets progressively stronger as the game progresses. They get to the point where their role is to essentially "carry" your team to victory. The game labels carries as the Ranged AD because they scale the best with items.

    Spellvamp is like lifesteal but instead of healing off autoattacks you heal off spells.

    Top lane is usually occupied by a solo melee bruiser, some mages like Vlad can go top as well. Top is a solo lane because most teams will have a jungler. Mid lane is occupied by an AP mage, bot lane is occupied by a support and ranged AD. Bot has 2 people for dragon control. Of course this is just the current meta and you'll see some different champions in different lanes but usually you can tell who is going where at the loading screen.

    Dragon and Baron are very important map objectives. Dragon gives 190 gold to everyone on your team while Baron gives 300 gold to everyone, a chunk of exp and a very strong buff. They are important to take down but Baron is usually a team effort to kill and not many low levels take notice of how important Baron is for late game.

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    Default Re: The Help Thread

    Thank you very much! that explains a lot :)

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    Some additional clarification on lifesteal and spellvamp:

    True damage, on-hit procs (even ability-based, such as Kog'Maw's Bio-Arcane Barrage) do not benefit from lifesteal or spellvamp. On-next-attack modifiers (such as Nasus' Siphoning Strike) benefit from lifesteal.

    Spellvamp is only 33% as effective if the ability being used is AoE. Certain abilities do not follow this rule.

    I'm not entirely sure on this one, but I believe abilities that do physical damage benefit from spellvamp (but not lifesteal).

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    Default Re: The Help Thread

    Hey guys, I need a new phrase to say when I kill with Riven's ult (like how I say Fus Do Rah with Garen's). Any suggestions?

    I'm thinking "Handouken" at the moment but that's not as epic as Fus Do Rah.

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    i always find myself saying ZAPPO for lux and HWAH for nidalee, but rivens ult doesnt really make sense

  15. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    IGN: ClawofBeta
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    Default Re: The Help Thread

    It's an executioner's ult though, so I need a phrase :3.

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    Side note for top lane: having some form of built-in sustain or some form of escape is almost a must-have, given that you're generally going to be by yourself and more vulnerable to harassment by the enemy Jungler.

    I usually shout "MUNDO FILE!" when I kill someone with Mundo. Sadly, Skarner's ult isn't really a direct killing move :/

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    I swear true damage procs spell vamp.

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    Default Re: The Help Thread

    I'm pretty sure it does, because Ahri's Orb of Deception hits twice, once doing magic damage, and once doing true damage, it would not make sense for her passive to give her Spellvamp if it wasn't useful on all her spells.

    I might try it out in game and see if i'm right.



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