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    I was sitting here combining nebulites when I realized that the results of the combination may not be entirely random (or at the very least not the same crap shoot every time).

    What I noticed was that there are three messages you can get from Bo about your combination -

    Good -

    Bad -

    So-so -

    I verified that these messages are not randomized. Using the same two nebulites gave me the same messages 20/20 times on 3 different combinations.

    So, the question is, what do these messages indicate? Do we get a higher chance of upgrade? Do we get a different set of result possibilities? I don't really know. I think we might not be able to know unless there is something that can be extracted. Has anyone seen other research on this anywhere?

  2. Default Re: Nebulite Combining

    I thought it was fairly intuitive that combining two of the same item results in a higher chance of better results.

    I know I got a lot of my C and B-ranked nebs that way

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    Ah, but it isn't. There are many occasions where two of the same nebulite give the Bad or So-So message.

    For instance - Rank D (Face) 10% Furious combined with itself gives a So-So message. Rank D (INT) Int +2 combined with itself is also So-So.

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    Default Re: Nebulite Combining

    I had never noticed this before. So this would seem to suggest that there are three different pools of nebulite fusion that have different chances of upgrading within each. The only way to see if the message actually has any effect on upgrading would be to test a whole lotta fusions, I guess?

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    Or it could be that the message he says is based on which nebulites you are fusing, but the fusion is still the same regardless.

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    Default Re: Nebulite Combining

    I'll give it a try tomorrow.
    I still have 800 boxes to get rid off.

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    Default Re: Nebulite Combining

    I didn't test anything (fused 200 nebulites but not really having a control about the results) but yeah if he says he feels lucky you have a high chance to upgrade the nebulite, the problem is that usually it is a bad nebulite for examp wepon Def (got 14 and only 2 were % stats nebulites).

  8. Default Re: Nebulite Combining

    Just fused my Ds, results:
    'This isn't too bad': 12 D, 1 C
    'I have a bad feeling about this': 2 D, 2 C
    'I'm feeling lucky!': 11 D, 10 C

    I didn't aim for specific messages for most of this, just 'whatever, top 2 in my inventory'.

    I fused with C nebulites and didn't get any Bs. 22/33 were 'this isn't too bad', 8 'I'm feeling lucky' and 3 'I have a bad feeling about this'.

    I vaguely noticed that when I did 'I'm feeling lucky' ones, they tended to result in Nebulites that were the same message.

    EDIT: got more on my mule, fused only 'I'm feeling lucky!' D pairs, added them to totals above.

    Finally got a B neb, too.
    C, I'm feeling lucky: 16 C, 1 B.



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