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  1. Default Should I continue to use the Legendary Hero Set?

    I'm currently Lv. 110, and I was wondering if I should keep using the Legendary Hero Set, or update my armor frequently. I have 7 of 8 for the set, only missing the Shoulder Decoration. I'm unfunded, And have in total 106 ATT (from the LH Set, Weapon, Rings, and +8 ATT Hidden potential on the weapon.)

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    I would start switching over to gear for your class that has 3%+ main stat.
    Problem with the Legendary Hero Set is you either have to reveal it with your % main stat, which isn't very likely and could take a lot of coins, which aren't even obtainable anymore, or cube it yourself, which isn't worth it at all since it has no resell value and isn't very great to begin with.

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    Yeah i would switchover too. HOWEVER if you class is a warrior/bowman/theif i would make top,bottom,belt, hat,shoes,gloves for 4% main start then half earrings for 6%main stat. This way is actually pretty cheap and will net 30% main stat. Make the lvl 40 or 35 equipment. Dont buy the faitue restorers for this though (waste of mesos). Just take you time when doing it. im not sure of actually cost for everything so i dont want to throw out any numbers. But if your really short on mesos make everything 2% and upgrade when you have more mesos. (getting a 2% is like 1/10 potential items.)

    the same can be done if your a pirate of mage you just have to use an overall instead of a top+bottom. making it 26% total main stat. still pretty decent for the amount it costs you.

    I only say those as only they can have potential WHILE being cheap. You can do a pendent this way but it gets expensive as you need to buy each recipe. And everything else cant have potential.

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    As useful as the set was for me personally, I eventually opted out as my character grew slowly I just came across tiny, and affordable nick nacks that helped more collectively than the set except the medal which is very helpful with +8 to everything but you don't have that I would assume since you're missing the Shoulder Decoration. I would go shopping, minimally and save for when you're a higher level. I didn't start getting major equipment until 14x~



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