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    So, I'm having some problems reviving my pet in KMS.
    All of the GMS guides seem to be outdated, so that's no real help.
    So, I've talked to Cleo in Henesys and the guy (Bartos?) in the Pet Park. I did some quiz for Bartos and got some letter. I've also talked to the fairy in Ellina, but nothing's really come out of that. The flower that she used to be standing by in Ellina seems to have disappeared. Cleo had one option that gave me ~30 options to pick from, and I have no idea what a single one of them does. If anyone who knows what the heck to do could give me a hand, that would be great.

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    You take the letter from Bartos to the top of the Pet Park, give it to that guy, and he gives you another something. Then you take that to Marr in Ellinia along with the Water of Life and your pet gets revived. Or maybe you just take the letter to Mar. I'm not sure.

    Cleo just tells you pet commands iirc.

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    I thought they removed the quests and all you had to do was double click the water of life? It's been awhile since I had to revive a pet though, so I'm not 100% sure.

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    I revived my pet last week, it's this. At least it was for me.

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    Also confirming that's all you have to do. I remember going to Ellinia and talking to that fairy too, seeing it not work, going all the way to ludi and talking to Cloy to find it not working, before double clikcing it.

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    Double clicking doesn't work for me though.
    That's the problem.



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