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Thread: Familiars?

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    Has anyone noticed any issues using familiars today/lately? I was trying to leech a friend and his familiar displayed that it was attacking but the HP bar of the mob didn't appear as the damage wasn't registering. Tested with 13 familiars and none would work, but a friend said she had a Miner Zombie familiar that was able to kill stuff/do damage.

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    Works fine for me, I just used my junk beetle familiars and killing rashes in leafre. Then again I'm not testing in party, kinda lazy to check on that atm.

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    Apparently the HP bars don't update unless it's a hit from your own character. So summons, DoT, familiars and other players can do damage to the monster and the HP won't budge.

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    So... I cant leech people at Bodyguards anymore? It wouldnt work..
    I promised a good friend I would but now hes kinda bummed out and I feel bad. :L

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    Not true unless this is a bug that kicked in recently, I know for sure familiars should bring up HP bars (at least on the players own screen, not sure about other players - but it wasn't working for either). I don't have any classes that can summon to test with.

    Looks like familiar leeching is finished until this is fixed, seeing as it looks like they're completely busted. No idea how this started without a patch/sc.

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    Wouldn't this all be server-sided errors? Maybe they were messing around, thus making buffs dispel upon death and screwing up the damage registering. I've no idea what I'm talking about, but it seems to make sense in my head

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    Could be. Your guess is as good as mine, I really have no idea. It's really weird though. I hope they fix it with the next update or whatever, not being able to leech with familiars is one problem but not being able to use Soul Stone at bosses is totally stupid. :(

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    Both the Familiar bug and the HP Bar thing are both definitely exclusive to GMS. Neither are present in JMS. You just have to hope that Nexon does something about it...which is about a 1/1,000,000 chance, so good luck.

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    I'm sure the HP bar thing is true for all DoT, did you try using your familar on a monster that would be 1HKO'd by it? I haven't played in the last 2-3 weeks so my observations might not be accurate, but the last I played I remember clearly my Big Spider killing monsters that had been brought to 1 hp by my DoT (this was at ToT if it's relevant).

    I could test this tonight when I get home.

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    DoT's never brought up the HP bar as far as I know; I've never had a DoT skill that activated without an actual attack, but if a monster was Venom'd, the HP bar would disappear even while the Venom hits still showed.

    Summons and familiars definitely used to bring the bar up though.

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    Sorry for the bump, but this issue appears to have resurfaced.


    Last time this happened there were a bunch of server sided things that messed up, Soul Stone breaking was one of them iirc, my Evan doesn't have that skill yet though so I can't test if that broke too.

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    I have been able to leech characters at bodyguards using familiars lately (lately as in for the past week), and did notice that the familiars registered HP bars when attacking. Will double check again later when I'm on to make sure.

    P.S. My pig familiar is called Bacon too. XD

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    I was leeching a lot with familiars yesterday, tried again about 20 min ago and it wouldn't work at Dodo. I just tested on both the character I was leeching and the character killing the mobs and neither familiars would work.

    & great minds :P

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    Bizarre. I tried leeching my character today, and it didn't work. But it was working fine yesterday... since I leeched myself during 2x. =S Not sure what the problem is...

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    Huh, I always thought that that soul stone disable was intentional so that Evans couldn't use the stop dojo timer glitch, and it was re-enabled in the next patch after the glitch was patched.

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    All skills get wiped upon dying, no matter where you die.
    Funny how both times it occured a few days before the patch.

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    Last time it was disabled there was no server check or anything, which led me to assume it was a bug. Seeing as it happened with a bunch of other issues I thought it was pretty obviously unintentional (and it seems to have happened again), unless all of the bugs came about as a result of disabling Soul Stone. I just hope they fix it asap. :|



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