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    So i got back to maple and i heard the decent skill glitch was available again but might be patched in 2 days from now? true/false?

    Another friend of mine who also returned was under the assumption that he glitched both haste and hb like a year ago but now he only has haste in his skills list, was there ever a fix for glitched skills?

    last question; im still missing CO/SI/bless, i heard SI is the hardest to get. What items should i be cubing to have SI on a warrior?

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    There is a method to glitching skills in pvp, but pvp might be removed in part 1 of justice, which is next month.
    Decent skills from pre bb were never removed as far as I know.
    Decent SI- legendary lv 120+ gloves
    Decent CO- legendary lv 70+ shoes
    Decent bless- legendary lv 120+ helm

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    but the 120 items are untradeable once equipped? so i'll have to cube or buy one myself? or are there rentable Bless/SI items?

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    The Von Leon level 120 items are tradeable with Platinum Scissors of Karma.
    So you can rent them, you just have to buy two PSoK on top of the price of the rental.
    Also, remember that SI does nothing for fast(4) weapons (e.g., Lunchbox)

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    If PvP is removed in justice instead of the second part of alliance, then the next patch should bring S rank nebulites, which is a new system that will allow SI/CO/bless to be attached to low level tradeable equipment items meaning you won't have to PsoK.

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    hmm may i know what is S rank nebulites ? - potential requirement ? have link ? sry i from msea. didnt know any ranking thing. =x and sry my english are poor ^^"

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    You have no need to know, truthfully. =) (take a joke, people...)

    Nebulites are a GMS exclusive item system currently. It's a type of potential system that works a bit differently than the existing potential system. We currently have most of the system in place, but there is more to come. Takebacker's comment is referring to items we are still waiting for.



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