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    Problems, again. >_>

    So I decided to attempt debugging c++ code again. I tried and failed to download Microsoft Visual Studio c++ Express. Both buttons on the page do not work when I click on them; nothing is downloaded, it reloads the page but the installer doesn't even begin downloading. I made sure to select english in the drop down list as well. But enough about that.

    I found an alternative called Microsoft Studio 11 Beta, and attempted debugging the first program I could think of.

    It gave me the following alert:

    I clicked yes and it successfully debugged, but the window closed immediately after it opened. I don't understand; first, why does it say the code is out of date? Second, why does it close even though return 0 was inputted (also happened with return 1; I tried both.)?

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    You have to set a breakpoint for it to stop operation while in debug mode. The gray bar to the left of the code is the debug bar. Click on the debug bar next to the corresponding line where you want a breakpoint. Or press F11 (or is it F7?) to immediately start the program in step-by-step mode.

    Google for MSVC++ Express Redistributable and download that rather than trying to get it through the downloader. I HATE the downloader. Programs you download in order to download other programs should die.

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    It says "this project is out of date" because you haven't built it. If you had built it and none of the code has changed since, then it is "up to date." It won't build it again if it was up to date.

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    @fiel But breakpoints only work when debugging, right? Does this mean my program will close immediately on opening if I run it as a .exe?

    Sorry, I'm a noob at programming so I have no idea what you mean. >< elaborate a little please?

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    Does Visual Studio 11 support C++0x/11? Because it looks damn ugly.

    Anytime you make a change to your code you have to build it to debug it.

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    Whenever you want to run or debug the program, you need to compile (build) the code into an executable (.exe). If you didn't compile or if you changed the code since you last compiled, Visual Studio reminds you that your project is "out of date" and that you should compile it.

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    Oh, okay. All I did was hit the debug button twice and it worked. At least now I know what the alert was about. Thanks!

    EDIT: Fiel, about the MSVC++ express redistributable, did I download and install the wrong file or does it go under another name? I got to this site (it was at the top of the results list) and installed both the x64 and x86 versions but they are nowhere to be found on my computer. At least, if they are they aren't called 'microsoft c++ visual studio 2010'.

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    For future reference if you have the std_lib_facilities.h file you can use the function call:

    This will keep the window open until a character is entered.
    Or you could make your own code that keeps the window open by adding this at the end of your main, but before your return statement.
    string s;
    cout << "Enter a character to exit...\n";

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    Uhm, sorry if this is a stupid question, but that seems to be a disc burning program. Am I doing things wrong?

    I'm clicking on the options I circled in red as I go along...

    And I end up at power2go, where all options indicate what I installed being some kind of CD writing software.

    I don't understand. The page says

    But it doesn't seem to have any of them. x_x

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    Install Daemon Tools.

    Last post in this topic. You need to figure out stuff on your own.

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    Oh, that's what an ISO file is. An archive. I feel really stupid now.



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