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  1. Default Nexon's decline in traffic

    This should explain all the 2x events lately. Yes, they're trying to get people back in the game.

    Here is a rough estimate of Nexon's traffic, provided by quantcast.

    Comparing the beginning and end of the graph (which are April and February, respectively), Nexon lost customers this year. While it doesn't seem like much on the graph, the scale is by the 50ks, which means that it would have been 50k customers less that Nexon can cater to. While this shouldn't be a surprise with anyone, what with the recent reveals of just how bad Nexon's security is, it also shows that with the recent events, Nexon is desperate to bring those numbers up and higher, more than ever.

    With an expected decline in May, Maple's userbase could drop to the 40ks. Or less. And who knows how many people will return in the summer?

    Some fun, but invariably inaccurate random statistics:

    Props to @Fiel who showed me the website weeks ago.
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  2. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Isn't that because of the end of summer break, slightly delayed because school doesn't get serious until 1-2 months in?

  3. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    To do a more accurate analysis of their site traffic, you would need to look at year over year data. Their playership is quite seasonal (most people play during the summer as Shidoshi mentioned).

  4. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    So what events happened in September?


    Wait... those demographics say more black people on MS than white people? huh?

  5. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Extended the reach down to April '11, because that's how far I can go.

    Yes, it's still somewhat down. By around 50k, I would estimate.

    While I missed that (and I'm sorry for this waste of a thread), there's still a point. Right around this same time of year, their customers are down.

  6. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Try this instead;

  7. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Hey that's around when I quit! Obviously that's the problem, maplestory can't run without me!

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    Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Just shows that people are finally coming to their senses and realizing that the service they are getting from this company is atrocious. No amount of exp events and half-assed bells and whistles will fix it. The only thing that'll fix it is if Nexon finally gets their pomegranate together. ..and that's not gonna happen.

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    Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    If there's a decline in March/April; that must be me. I stopped playing/buying NX then aha Getting ready to move on to Rift for 2 months since I heard it changed a lot since it came out and its much cheaper then MS for me. :D Hopefully others follow me <Stares at Urvin who should stay below my range forever> :p

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    Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    This. Also the fact that it is completely pointless to continually give 2x events when people are constantly and easily hitting 200, but there is no high level content to entertain players or give them motivation to continue. Maplestory is now a game where whoever makes the most classes, buys the most nx, or hacks the best wins.

  11. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    I think its funny when 200 is finally turns into meaning basically nothing.

    Of course it didn't mean anything before the exp curves either cause well its a game but still..With all these 2x events and the decline in their player base, they might be worried that they're the next to bite the dust. I doubt it though..this happens every year and since they release their huge content in the summer..I'm sure their player base will be back up to 300-400k range if not more.

  12. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    The only strange thing I find about all of this, is the height of their amount of customers last year was right about when hacking was at it's peak and the economy was in the middle of falling. I believe it was also around the time of a few dupes being released, and then it dropped off.

    Now the funny part is it clearly dropped off way before December/January, when Nexon's servers starting going crazy which is what Nexon used as an excuse for the decline in players.

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    Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    I wish one of them went as far back as 2008 or so... them pre-BB days.

  14. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    It's just showing that the community, after 2 years now, is starting to notice the drop dead service of Nexon.

    That, or the other recent MMO's and Video Games coming into play are really subtracting their time from MapleStory.

  15. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    These 2x events and "Mapler Appreciation" events is like a Faustian bargain: sure people a lot more people will log in right now but down the road they'll all be gone because there's no freaking endgame content <_<.

    If they're truly in this for the long run, they would ween people off of grinding and actually bring in something new to do...

    Me thinks that LHC/SH party play was kept for the same reason they keep bringing back 2x cards and Golden Temple...

  16. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    @stereo's post.

    Are you pineappleing serious LOL
    I thought this was the most BS they were being ever... guess not.
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    Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    This is good. The more traffic that declines, the more desperate Nexon becomes = more "free events" and etc

  18. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Should go up slightly once Phantom and Thief/Pirate revamp comes along, but then just drop dead from that point on. Nothing substantial and noteworthy was released after Justice.

    Wow, a heavy "minority" playerbase. Also surprised the amount of males to females is about 1:1.

    Lol, most players are <18 years old, but the amount of players having kids is almost triple than those without...? DEM contraception practices.

  19. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Lets not forget the fact that nexon trolled many of us with that event. Many of us didn't get the maple points even though we almost definitely stayed logged in for more than 1 hour of the day.

    There were rumours at the time that a player needed to be logged in for 1 hour without entering cs or mts, otherwise the counter resets. On top of that, there was NO notification telling us that our 1 hour is up for the day. Not surprisingly with so many ninja rules that disqualified so many players for their entitlement, players simply just quit for other games.

  20. Default Re: Nexon's dramatic decline in traffic

    Maybe if Nexon made bosses that actually functioned properly people would have more to do than train to 200 and quit.

    If they added more skill based challenges, like maybe a series of difficult jump quests where all the best times on the server are recorded (similar to dojo) then people would have incentive to log on more often. They're releasing so many new classes now that I just don't give a damn anymore, do something more interesting or work on polishing what is currently in place.



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