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    pineapple Epic Mickey 2. It'll probably be better but Epic Mickey one was such garbage that I can't raise any hope for this next one. I'll probably eat those words when it comes out and is better than my wildest dreams but in the mean time, there's a 3DS game in the making... and it's pineappleing awesome.

    Anyone remember the old Mickey games for the SNES and Genesis? The side scrolling ones? Yeah, they were awesome. This is is a sequel to the Genesis one and they're staying true to their roots. There'll be some screenshots in the link I'll provide at the end.

    Also, apparently the team who is making this is a fan of the Suikoden series (they have stated this) and as such they are including a feature that will all you to recruit every character you save and have them go to your personal castle.


    Check this pomegranate out.

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    Default Re: Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion

    Even the jumping animation looks the same!

    I used to love Mickey Mania

    This was my favourite game when i was a kid

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    Yeah, I already decided I was getting this when that very first single screenshot leaked. Looks good.



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