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  1. Default Sealed items and nebulite slots

    So, i quit this game a few years ago but i like checking new stuff every fee months. I like the nebulite stuff so i wanted to get a slot on my permanently sealed lunchbox. Turns out i cant give sealed items a slot.

    The npc mentioned something about it being free right now but it costing me after this patch. Exacly what does that mean? Will i be able to use some aort of cs item on my sword after the patch or do i need to unseal my seord and pay the npc next patch to get my nebulite slot? Id kinda like my sword to remain sealed.. :/

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    Default Re: Sealed items and nebulite slots

    it's just gonna costs mesos after patch probably to put a socket on equip, if its sealed no socket for you unless nexon does something about it

  3. Default Re: Sealed items and nebulite slots

    One of my guildies was complaining about this since about 90% of his gear is locked. Luckily it's only temporary and most of them come off in May/June.
    Pretty retarded if you ask me.



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