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    Does anyone know the percentages on equip and advanced equip enhancement scrolls? When the system was updated I recall a notice on the nexon website showing advanced equip success rate for 11+ was 5%, and equip enhancement scrolls did not work beyond 8 enhancements, but I have not been able to find it again. Was this ever implemented?

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    i think it was implemented, but scrolls weren't changed, people i've asked who enhanced stuff do claim it to be much harder to enhance to +11 and 12, than it was to +10, but that's word of mouth.

    as for the rate, simply add to the bottom of the scroll "5% chance"

    so if AEE say 10th star: 10% chance, 11, 12, 13 and so all are 5% chance

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    Untradeable AEEs do mention the 5% rate, regular ones didn't get their description changed. I think it may just have been the Legends Shop AEEs that mentioned it, even.

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    What about regular EEs? Haven't seen any evidence to suggest that they would be 5% for 9+ enhancements, but it wouldn't really make sense for them to be better than AEE's for 11+.



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