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  1. Default What are the average and largest file size

    For a maplestory skill animation? Was curious. I know it'll probably have a load of variation, but if you divide it into buff/attack/ultimate animations the average/largest size values shouldn't vary too much within the individual categories... at least I think.

    It's difficult trying to use the ones in Fiel's skill extractions, because those have a black background that adds phantom file data to the actual size. It's probably not a consistent error either considering the glows interact with the black at different magnitude for every skill.

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    You're forgetting sound effects.

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    Extractions are the best answer you'll get.

    The backgrounds are negligible amounts of data due to the compression. The results are approximately the same regardless.

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    Your question is unanswerable.

    What kind of data representation are you talking about? Are you talking about how big it is in the WZ files? How big each individual image is? How big the image is as a GIF? How big each image is as a PNG?

    The black background added to the animations has absolutely little impact on the overall file size. No phantom data is being added, because those pixels exist in the image despite what color it is. About the only thing that having black pixels instead of which pixels could affect would be the compression across frames, and even that would be minuscule.

    The glow contrast with black also has no effect on animation file size. It's simply a matter of color contrast.



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