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  1. Default [Facebook] KartRider Dash! Now.. OPEN BETA!


    It's here! KartRider Dash is Nexon's newest Facebook game. And I'll be damned if I don't think that it actually plays pretty decently. Very memorial of the original KartRider.

    There are two race modes - Item and Speed - and is multiplayer-only. You can play with Facebook friends directly, or you can play with strangers.

    The game is currently in Closed Beta. Sorry I got your hopes up! But Southperricans who are in can use this as a discussion thread.

    The game is currently in Open Beta. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR SERIOUSLY. GO PLAY.

    Unlike my experience with the original KartRider, there is no lag AT ALL. It's amazing. And the current customizations available in Beta are pretty great, with six characters and six karts, all of which can be of different colors.

    EDIT: Now that it's in open beta, there are seven purchaseable characters (you start with two) and ten purchaseable karts (you start with one). And yes, they can still all be different colors. THERE ARE ALSO NEW TRACKS.

    Gameplay screenshots

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    If only people weren't so bad at it...

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    ^ Seriously though.

    99% of the KRD Community is absolutely terrible. I am not challenged in the slightest.

    Excluding @Infection of course.

    Also, I gave them headstarts. Still came in 1st...

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    Hey! KRD is open to EVERYONE this weekend! Come out and try it!

  5. Default Re: [Facebook] KartRider Dash! plays like the real thing. This makes me happy.

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    Is it just me, or is it EXTREMELY laggy? When I press directional keys to move, it takes ~5 seconds before it does ANYTHING. It's not possible to play like this. @_@

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    Just you. But sometimes, it lags when you have too many tabs or browser windows up. Try keeping those to a minimum if possible.

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    I'm sad the CB was done so quickly. I'm also sad that I need to re-practice my drifting.

    Then again, there were so many noobs trying out the game, maybe I don't need to practice that much...

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    There's a countdown to the open beta now if you visit the app page. ~6 days until it starts.

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    omg yes! thank you for the reminder! :D

    wooo!! I'm so excited!LOL

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    DO IT.

    I heard you liked U-TURNS.

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    How's the level of competition? Still bad? :p

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    Middling-to-easy, at least for me. There are a couple of new tracks that REALLY test your drifting skills (Canopy Curve and Handy Harbor). Besides that.. it's at least a little better.
    If you play in Item Mode, Shields exist as items now so you don't just repeatedly get raped by water balloons and UFOs.



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