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Thread: [Windia] B>%LUK gears

  1. Default B>%LUK gears

    If anyone has any for sale, hit me up. Mainly looking for unique equips. 3Lined would also be nice.

    Looking for female top and bot, pend, gloves, cape, belt, and hat(one scrolled for DEX preferably)

    Also looking for a decent claw.

  2. Default Re: B>%LUK gears

    How much would you pay for a 12% luk 3 lined unique htp?

  3. Default Re: B>%LUK gears

    Still looking for the equips listed :c

  4. Default Re: B>%LUK gears

    Got a cape, and hopefully a belt lined up too.

    Still looking for the rest of the listed equips :c



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