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    Oh wow, 1655 responses out of over 9000 million maple accounts...
    The overwhelming conclusion is that Maplers don't care about politics. What a surprise.

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    Honestly, it's the audience demographic that would naturally lean this way. It has nothing to do with actual political views, which is why most of them would call themselves independents. I did a study in college a LONG time ago with Grade Schools, High Schools, and colleges where we held mock elections. The results were overwhelmingly clear - the younger the group, the higher the vote % for the incumbent. Younger folks fear change and see the president as an office that should be stable (completely unconsiously). As young folk get older, they tend to gravitate to a philosophy that best fits their limited experience of the world and stick to it vehemently. It was an interesting study to say the least.

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    There was a poll? You must have to log into their website or something to see it because I never noticed it.

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    it was via facebook and selected player could win nx

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    Oh, look, a pile of bullpomegranate.

    The reason incumbents tend to win polls has nothing to do with the age of the voters but everything to do with name recognition.

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    Conclusion is that you're confused. It's a kids game, just because old ass people come to SP doesn't mean the majority are older people when they're not.

    It's obvious who I voted for.

    Forty-eight percent of the survey respondents favored Barack Obama. Twenty-one percent indicated that they did not know or favor any of the candidates, while Ron Paul was favored by 14 percent, Mitt Romney was favored by 10 percent, Rick Santorum was favored by 5 percent and 2 percent named Newt Gingrich as most favored.

    I do like that. Though, to much fraud and corrupt in the government to let RP get up where he's supposed to be.

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    The study was in early 1984 (prior to Reagan's reelection bid) and covered 3 counties of western New York - Cattaraugus, Erie, and Chataqua - with all the public schools and SUNY system colleges involved. It was the second one of its kind with the first one being conducted in early 1980 when Carter was up for re-election. There was a third done in 1988 but I was no longer a Law student and was not involved with it. Whether you call my opinion garbage is one thing, but the study was not.

    As for your name-recognition statement, that is supported by what I wrote. It is indeed a big factor. It's not at all the only factor. The conclusions we were working on followed the lines of what I paraphrased above, but name recognition is definitely a part of that whole flow. The numbers also had direct correlation to the amount of broadcast advertising time each candidate bought on average in each county market. But, it did not correlate with newspaper advertising, which definitely linked to age since it is completely unlikely that a child will read a newspaper ad unless it is strategically placed in the Comics.

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    I never called the study garbage; it's your conclusion that is garbage.
    None of the things you just said support this statement you made: "Younger folks fear change and see the president as an office that should be stable (completely unconsiously)."

    Your conclusion does not follow the evidence.
    The fact that broadcast advertising had a positive correlation to votes received only serves to support the fact that name recognition is probably the most influential factor when it comes to polls.

    Unless a person has done research on a candidate and knows the issues, they're more likely to vote for the incumbent simply because that's the name they know. The only thing that would sway this is if they had some reason to feel negatively about the incumbent.

    That's why you get results like Nexon's poll where the incumbent takes a vast majority of the polled voted for the incumbent while the next 'runner-up' is "I don't care".

    PS. Your conclusion about the newspaper advertisements is also flawed. Unless you did a simultaneous study that covered ages beyond, you can't properly conclude whether spending in newspaper ads was ineffective for the younger age groups because of their age or because newspaper ads are inherently less effective.



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