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    Thought I post this as im curious to what people think about it so far. Doing a picture for a friend of his characters @ Maplemation forums. Kind of a fan of his animations and what not. Anyway thought I draw some of his characters and possibly mine when i get done with his. All done on MS Paint.

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    Omg, a girl not drawing extremely effemite male characters! I really like the style!

    Looks pretty neat so far; lovin' the shading on the right character's hair and face. As a suggestion, try to reduce his hand thumb and part of the palm behind, looks a bit off. Fantastic job overall!

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    Haha thanks! And yea the hands are always a work out on its own a lot of times But theres always room for improvement.

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    Very nice for an MS paint drawing.

    - the guy on the right's hand feels off, like his palm is too big or his fingers are too short.
    - the guy in the middle seems to have very short arms.
    - I'm having trouble reading what the hand holding the weapon is doing. It doesn't feel like it's connecting to the forearm.

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    Hehe thanks <3 And for your critique..

    -Yea I kind of see that sort of mm..-works on that later on-
    -for 2 and 3 uhhh I was trying to have some kind of perspective going on there where hes like 'huzzah i have a sword!'

    haha sometimes i wish humans didnt have arms and hands..

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    Yeah, foreshortening is really tricky. I find drawing boxes helps a lot.

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    I asked a few artist that draw on ms it makes me almost want to delete the whole thing haha... saying the color pallete is awful to the extreme and such..



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