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Thread: 1 + 1 event.

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    So, let's say I have a exp potion or two from the last 1+1 event...

    Would it work if I used one on a new character, to get it to level 70, and get another one for FREE?

    Because if that's the case, I'm gonna get a free lv 70 guy without even using a potion.

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    Good question...

    I have a feeling that Nexon didn't even think about that possibility when adding this 1 + 1 event, lol

    Give it a shot =o post results.

    The thing about the last 1 + 1 event is you could only get potions on the Legend Classes, and they couldn't be traded to other Legend classes. But that's not the case this time, it's for Non-Legend classes, and there's a good chance that your idea flew right over their heads when they added this.

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    I did it with a Wild hunter. I leveled it to 30 the good old fashioned way, used an EXP potion from my Mercedes, and then the EXP potions I got for getting to 30 and 70 on the character itself. Ended up at lvl 8x something.

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    Now time to get a useless mule that I will only use for the incoming deck system... Any suggestions? :p

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    I think I will be making a Shadower since I have a lvl 200 NL and my main is a Blade Master. Triple thief bonus, triple adventurer bonus, triple lvl 120+ bonus seems ok to me.

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    In another thread, I posted that I did it with a CK mule. I took the potions I got from Legends 1+1 and fed them to a Blaze WIz. The Blaze wiz was able to produce two new potions.



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