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Thread: Studying Abroad

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    Default Studying Abroad

    Hey everyone:

    Since I'm now fully adjusted to college, I'm starting to look at more things I could possibly do to make my college years the most enjoyable ever. One option is potentially doing studying abroad for the year or during the summer.

    The "study abroad option" I looked at recently was the Oxford Summer Seminar my university sponsors every single year (and has done so for almost half a century!). As the name implies, the study abroad is held in Oxford University in the U.K. during the summer months, and it includes not only classes, but also a variety of field trips during weekends that takes students to places in England as well as day trips to France (I believe). I took a huge look at this, and not only did it had interesting classes I may want to immerse myself in, but the field trips also sounded interesting and lots of fun!

    However, since studying abroad takes a lot of planning and also needs your parents' blessings to go through (think costs), I talked it with my parents about possibly doing this sometime in the future. My dad told me - after reviewing everything I provided him, of course - that it was too costly, waste of time, and simply not worth it

    (If you wanted to stretch that statement and exaggerate it (lol), you can say that my dad's telling me to **** it with studying abroad because its "useless", "waste of money and time", and "doesn't help with your resume". While there are a number of things wrong with my dad's argument overall - even without me stretching it - its not the time to pick apart that statement, lol).

    Anyways, the big question is: Is study abroad worth it? For those that have done studying abroad for the semester/year or during the summer in college - in general - how was it? Was it worth it? Would you do it again if given the opportunity?

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    Everyone I know that's study abroad has found it incredibly useful, but in order to make the most of it you need to attend a college that has a program exactly similar and hopefully as well established as yours. What makes the experience worthwhile and noteworthy on resumes is what you do outside of the classroom in the country. Just going to class isn't going to cut it. You need to volunteer/intern/work and most importantly travel. It costs a lot, and for good reason. The experience is once in a lifetime.

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    Default Re: Studying Abroad

    Your parents won't complain if you make the money yourself .

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    It's absolutely worth it. It will change your world view and develop you as a person. It will give you a different view of the world and your own country. Being away will also help you value and cherish your friends back at home.

    On the professional side, workers with international experience are valued, of course. Try to find a program that includes an internship, it makes for an international working experience as well as helping with paying your costs.
    It's something that doesn't come twice as an opportunity and you only get to do it while you are young. It can be one of the most important things to happen in your life.

    These 2 years in France have been wonderful for me. Through good and bad, it has taught me many things.

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    One would be that tourist are annoying.

    OT: Going abroad is an amazing experience. But I think he summed it up quite nicely. Just know the language before you go wherever. Or just a few lines to get you by while you learn the language.

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    Oh yes definitely learn the language of the place you are going. Otherwise you won't be as well received and you may miss out on having friends and stuff with locals.

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    Default Re: Studying Abroad

    I can't really talk about studying... but I went to do a work exchange program in the States and it was one of the best things ever happened to me. Not lying a single bit. It's a hundred percent worth it. If you can do it by yourself, by all means do it, since experiencing things by yourself and developing as a person happens faster when you're alone and you gotta face everything yourself.

    Take your time to plan it and do it, it's gonna be awesome.

    you could ask @@xLeviathan too. He's studying in South Korea.

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    Default Re: Studying Abroad

    To Kurtle and Shidoshi: Interesting! I'll definitely look out for the things you mentioned!

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    Default Re: Studying Abroad

    Ditto to everything positive about studying abroad. It wasn't in the cards for me (gotta love majors that require basically everything taken in residence...), though I'm not upset since I know I'll get to experience traveling abroad over the course of my life. But for the TONS of people I know who have or are currently abroad (no lies probably half my college friends have studied abroad or are currently, so some number in the hundreds) I know ZERO people who found the experience "useless" or a "waste of money."

    Scholarships, Will! Present your father with information on those - maybe if you can get a full ride into a program he'd change his mind.

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    Only thing I would be careful of is to make sure the stress of adapting to a new culture PLUS your regular academic stress isn't too much and you burn yourself out. No extracurricular is worth severely compromising your GPA.

    Otherwise, I say go for it.

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    Also, you learn to take care of yourself properly. You're on your own, no more handholding. That, is something worth more than a few pieces of papers from your home country.

    Hmm... summer... you won't see me. I'll be back in Singapore. But do visit Cambridge once - any other visits to Cambridge shouldn't be about the beauty of this place (i.e. only for work), because there's nothing much beautiful after the 1st time, and it's tiny.

    Oxford programs are generally pretty good. Sure, it might not immediately be useful in your CV, but when it comes to your resume and/or cover letter, and when you have tea with others (both serious and casual), it separates you from others.

    tl;dr GO FOR IT. Because I'm "at the other side" (it's an Oxbridge thing).




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