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    Steam has been added to the available messengers you can list for yourself in your profile.

    ID must be in one of the formats or it won't save;

    When added you'll have a steam tab in your profile (yes I know the tab doesn't look right, it's on the fix list), a steam icon with the other messenger icons in the userbit and member searches.

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    Default Re: Steam

    Woo, one less link to include in my signature.

    hah, it completely pineapples the page styling and hides content on most of the rest of the tabs.

  3. Default Re: Steam

    Yeah I've killed that bit of it for now because it wasn't even honoring it's own on/off for the user info thing.

  4. Default Re: Steam

    I'm so happy! I've been waiting for something like this for so long ;~;

    Thanks Eos!

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    Default Re: Steam

    Yay, my sig is slightly less messy now.

  6. Default Re: Steam

    Thanks Eos, glad you implemented my suggestion so fast =D coincidentally with my request.

  7. Default Re: Steam

    It was on the to do list anyway.
    Just happened to have been ported to our version slightly before you reminded me to check again.



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