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    Default What was that quest...?

    I could swear I only went to complete "Remembering first loves" quest of the day, but when I clicked Cassandra, I think she asked me to choose between 2 x Accessory for att 15%, Chaos Zhelm and something else. I closed the window to make space for czhelm, but when I clicked again I couldn't find the quest anymore....

    Did I miss out on some random price that was so poorly designed that you aren't allowed to make space?

  2. Default Re: What was that quest...?

    I've had that appear twice already to me, the first time I actually read through the text and from what I recall it was not about actually getting the items. I don't remember what the text said exactly though.

  3. Default Re: What was that quest...?

    She basically says "Are you kidding? You didn't do nearly enough to earn that!"

    After that the Day 1 quest should pop up and give you your Love Struck title.

  4. Default Re: What was that quest...?

    Fairly sure it only said 2 15% atk accessory scrolls or 2 15% Matk for day 5.

  5. Default Re: What was that quest...?

    Thatís just a dialogue that pops up occasionally and Cassandra tries to be a troll. Itís pointless, nothing significant happens whatever you pick.

  6. Default Re: What was that quest...?

    Yeah, she just asks you something about what you'd call a Chief something something.

    The "correct" answer is Chili, but either way you get the exp prize and such.

    It was like a weird Pop Quiz.



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