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    YAY! We have a real forum doesn't it feel good?
    I guess we can post topics in here and discuss, even though it shall feel strange at first.

    Some things I wanted to go over today were:
    1. I want to make a 2nd team with people that are on at my time pretty much every day.

    2. I want to arrange more chinchilla games for us.
    [Note: It seems like the weekend might be a good start for us here, how many of you chinchilla's are available around 5pm central time for saturdays and sundays?]

    3. Last but not least I need to carefully solo queue more during the early daytime, almost at gold!
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    1. What is your time?
    2. Okay.
    3. Invite me to the team when I get 1400 elo kk?

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    I find that I play best pre 5pm central time.

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    It was only 139 pages for me

  5. Heavily armored Humvee
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    And I just learned I can hover over the envelope and see how many posts I've made in a thread.

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    Duel, if you want to do Chinchilla ranked games, I would only be available during the weekends (My college life > LoL, and I'm dead serious about this lol ). Otherwise, if its weekends and 5 PM CST/6 PM EST, I'm down.

    Also, RIP 13.8K replies, 691 page LoL thread. Biggest thread in the Gaming forums; never forget!

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    Well there is one thing crossed off my list haha!

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    New meme: Good guy Duelman:

    Plays Soraka in solo queue.
    (Insert face here)
    1500 elo.

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    Was so close to 700 pages >:



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