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  1. Default The search for Bob the Snail (Sign ups)

    This is probably going to wind up as a collection of related stories rather than an actual RPG (as there is no telling when or if people will be crossing paths) but that is fine.

    Long ago there were rumors in the Maple world about a very special snail. Witness’s claimed that the creature could grant players magic powers, such as the ability to scroll items without fail and other unbelievable skills. “Bob” was most often sighted in or around the depths of the often treacherous Sleepywood dungeon. For a short time, the legendary snail’s location was confirmed and he could be seen or hunted by anyone. Time passed, the world changed, players changed and just as mysteriously as he had appeared, Bob vanished into the shadows of the game once again.

    This thread is made to contain any kind of Maple story that you can think of but there is one catch, all writer characters must encounter Bob or be affected by him in some way at least once. Also note that no one is allowed to FIND Bob in the present time. (Trolololol) You can see him in the past or maybe be following his trail but current day Bob’s whereabouts must remain a mystery. (eventually we might have a poll to decide or possibly wait for Nexon to reveal his location in the game again) Since the hero of our story is a monster, you may also choose to control a monster yourself. (but no bosses) While you may write about anything Maple related, if it is something about an actual player character then please be sure to only use made up names. (to protect the innocent, if you know what I mean) There are no rules to how long each plot must be and they can be broken up into smaller segments if you wish. If there are enough sign ups then a story thread will be posted.

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    History: (optional, because this can go in the main RP thread if one is planning to do something rather short)

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    I'll join if there's other active users joining.



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