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  1. Default >Never gets an answer

    For those of you who don't know, on March 19th and the 20th (Today) GM events were publicly being held in all game worlds.

    I smegaed this after one messaged.

    For Proof?

    inb4 "Because they're Nexon/They're lazy/GM's don't exist"

  2. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    I don;t think they deviate off script. They might as be an automated bot GM that spews hints on where they are and then F2's when people find them then spawns mobs.

  3. Default Re: >Never gets an answer is a good way to test if they're scripted or not.


  4. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    >That feel when GMs aren't going to interact with people anymore like they did back in 05


    brb corner

  5. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    I will NOT believe this.
    Did they really smega that after a hacker said that?
    Okay, they really are either blind or using an automatic message generator or something.
    (Not to mention a really lame one...)

    Uh, scrap that they are blind AND using an automatic message generator.

  6. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    Things like this should have never gone away.

    And no, that was not a one time thing.

    I seem to have misplaced my screenshots of me ACTUALLY CONVERSING WITH GM'S VIA WHISPER ABOUT HACKERS!

  7. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    Seeing these screenshots hurt.
    I have a few screenshots somewhere on my pc downstairs talking to a GM at Jr Balrog.
    The first and last time i've ever seen a GM in person. But yeah.. they were still active though.

    I hate looking into the past so much. To see how this game that always excited me beyond belief has gone this bad.

  8. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
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    Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    The GMs are as pathetic as the company that hires them, not really surprising.

  9. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    I'm almost sorry for even thinking he might do so. These new GM's (xxxxBER/yyyySCA/Etc) have no emotion at all. R.I.P. the foodie GM's (MintPowder/CajunPotato/kimchibgogi and MushBear). The GM's that actually had a voice in Bera.

  10. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    The giant blue walls of banned IGNs should've stayed, it was stuff like that that actually gave some sort of impression of punishment. This is just pathetic though. :|

  11. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    I dont get it though...
    If a person applies to be a GM, wouldn't you be freaking excited catching hackers red handed?
    Ugh.. any person here in SouthPerry could do a better job then they do when it comes to being a GM.

    If I somehow got the job as GM I would stalk people in invisible mode 24/7 finding scammers/hackers etc.
    And also getting paid for it? Haha wow... sorry but to me that couldn't get any better.

    And yes I know being a GM isnt all that but they should honestly hire people specificly for this then.
    It would improve this game so much..

  12. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    I would love to be paid to find hackers, document, and ban them.

    Not just because they get to do that, but because the GM's get pretty damn good benefits and work hours.

  13. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Lolmaster
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    I'd do it for free when I'm not in school. Would be freakin hilarious to see so many people openly start s'hitting themselves when the hammer started dropping.

  14. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    As long as it was the "HUGE WALL OF BLUE TEXT" - hammer.

  15. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    If I remember correctly, they had a reason for not doing the huge blue wall of texts anymore. Something about it being counter-productive when announcing names of banned people would cause other hackers to hide until the GMs go away.

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    Those days...


  17. Donator Straight Female
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    Guild: TheSwift
    Alliance: Entwined
    Farm: Kaede

    Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    And despite how much they suck, I love how people herd around them like they're some big star. I didn't even bother going this time. Last time a GM was around, there was only 5 people in the map including myself. No response to anything, even serious questions about bugs.

  18. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    GM bot cannot into bosses
    we can't do anything about cygnus, since she HEALS ALL THE pineappleING TIME and the GM summons it?

    how did that fare, anyway?

  19. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    LOL at that pic.

    You had a better chance of seeing the virgin mary than seeing a GM back in 2005/2006.

    I played the game for 3 years back then and never once saw or read any message from a single GM.

    Nostalgia, making history better one day at a time.

  20. Default Re: >Never gets an answer

    I saw them more than twice... I can only remember twice though...

    I once got a window box popup at Lorang Lorang Lorang when I was looting from a hacker. The GM warned me if I did not stop, he would have to ban me as well. I got the pineapple out of there <<



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