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  1. Default threaten/spikes royale def ignore

    I have always been wondering, does it change the def of the monster or does it just add that condition to the monster. For example if zakum had spikes royale applied to it and a mm attacked with maxed marksmanship would it ignore a total of 45% of zak's 40% def making it having 22% def left or would it's def have been lowered by 20% from spike making is 32% then mmship is applied making it 24% def left.

  2. Default Re: threaten/spikes royale def ignore

    Not sure about spikes but threaten just reduces the pdr by the said amount for example zak's pdr is 40 20% of 40 is is 8 so it reduces zak's pdr by 8.

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    Default Re: threaten/spikes royale def ignore

    Threaten is 30%, but you're right otherwise.

  4. Default Re: threaten/spikes royale def ignore

    All debuffs apply to the monster not the character.



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