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  1. Default [Mikhail] Mikhail (ENG)

    Thanks to JoeTang for the translations. Pineapple Plus here = Pineapples for JoeTang.

    Updated to the latest KMS patch

    Mikhail (I)
    Mikhail (II)
    Mikhail (III)
    Mikhail (IV)
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    K. So its like a Mercedes-Hero-DS hybrid.

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    Default Re: [Mikhail] Mikhail (ENG)

    thanks for these fiel and joe, much appreciated.

    i forgot to flip a table for achilles *flips*

    by the way, i've noticed that in your extractions, sometimes it seems to say "something damage +#" or so, instead of an actual number, any idea what causes this?

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    Gotta show me an example, shinku.

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    So what does this job do that is not done by Paladins or Heroes? Not counting winged lazor of sillyness of course, because if it has wings or lasers, it should be ignored.

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    I appear to have missed the % signs for Damage on Soul Blade and Shining Chase. =[

    People should keep in mind this is the first public build for Mikhail, and if this isn't some terribly elaborate April Fool's joke, they're likely to rebalance and redesign the blatant copy-pastas. Of course, they could just be that lazy though.

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    >Soul blade first job
    >Soul driver second job

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    left you a message about it in your visitor pm's the other day, here for example:

    SE displays
    "MP Cost: 45, Duration: 300 sec, Critical Hit Rate: +20%, Maximum Critical Damage: +%"

    no actual number for maximum crit damage. i'm sure i ran into that a few times, i can go around later and pinpoint them if you want.
    also, what would be the best way to report these to you, if you do plan to/can fix them

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    That means that my parser got the variable and failed the lookup. Either the wrong variable is in the skill strings or the variable doesn't exist in the data.

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    Default Re: [Mikhail] Mikhail (ENG)

    Another class, another flash jump at 1st job I see.

    Nexon putting the thief skill to shame since 2011..

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    what the pomegranate @ soul rage

    thats just


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    I hope you guys realise that Flash Jump is 1.6x faster than Double Jump. The only job that is as fast as regular Thieves is Mercedes. The only job faster is Phantom.

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    Default Re: [Mikhail] Mikhail (ENG)

    Sure a lot of work for an April Fool's .

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    Day 1 tables for Mikhail.
    DB tables still pineappleing outdated.

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    You're telling me. The Unbound tables are still untranslated.

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    How to +1 JoeTang for a thread posted by fiel....

    -head explodes-

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