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  1. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    *Mercedes Benz car parts*
    *Meet Foreign Men*
    *Meet your dream man today*

    As a straight male that doesn't have a car, I feel the adds might be slightly off the mark

  2. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Maybe Google is trying to out you to yourself.

  3. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    If you register for southperry you're automatically bicurious in googles eyes. Fortunately for me, I'm SO MUCH TESTERONE that it overlaps my southperry registeration.

  4. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Eh, Google probably knows more about me than I do. I guess it's ad clicking time!

  5. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    So true. They've probably got deep psychological profiles on all of us by now. They even knew you'd realize that.

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    Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Well I honestly attempted to do as you ask, but I cannot figure out how to whitelist on firefox abp. I'm not super savvy with these things. I don't think one person will affect your revenue too much x:

  7. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I re-enabled ads for sp on both our laptops. lolnoob.

  8. Orbital Bee Cannon Gay Male
    IGN: ZidaneKun
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 18x
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Integrity
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    Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Hey thanks

  9. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Now you can flaunt your little angel-chin and stop getting the glares-of-death.

  10. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Can the first post be updated (as the information I'm seeking may be in the thread but I don't feel like reading 9 pages of "omg chinchillas <3" to find out) with answer to the following:

    1) Who's your ad provider(s)?
    2) Do you allow, and if not is there any way for a third party to trick you to allow rich media ads to show up?
    3) What sort of security record does your ad provider(s) have with people abusing their network?

    I'm sure you can understand half-technical users of an MMO (ie, this forum's target audience, no?) erring on the side of caution and blocking ads anyway, when there's apparently been rampant abuse of ad providers for MMO fansites as delivery vehicles for adware specific to their MMO. Ideally, if you deliver your own ads and allow image-only ads, I'd unblock in a heartbeat but I'd imagine that's probably not the case.

  11. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I find your line of questioning odd and mildly pointless considering it would've taken you less effort to view any page's source than to ask.

    Anyone actually interested in those things should be competent enough to do their own research and make their own judgments.

    In your case, uh, you're using their browser, so if you have trust issues they're oddly placed.

  12. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Funny you mention effort when it would have taken less effort on your part to just say "Google" (or more accurately, Doubleclick, as when you hinted at "Google" at first, I thought it was simply AdSense). ;D

    I don't have trust issues per se - but if you Google the subject there's oodles of complaints of rich media advertising being exploited to inject malware (with the ad networks doing the heavy lifting of targeting users of specific games to boot), and I believe there were rumours of another fanforum that's named after a Victoria island town having it happen to them too. I don't think it's an unfair question, nor do I think it's lazy to ask. I definitely think that the first post of this thread (considering it's an appeal) could definitely benefit from having the information present for lazy, yet paranoid freaks like me.

    P.S. In case you somehow think Google's immune to serving malware, though I apologize for the crappy source:

  13. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I believe in forcing people to help themselves rather than rely on me. Better for everyone.

    Anyone using AdSense, which is ostensibly what we use at this moment, is also using any 3rd party advertising network that Google rents out AdSense space to. I couldn't give you a list of every possible ad network they can or will throw up if I tried, there's over 600 at the moment. I'm not going to declare, guarantee, or even hint at a specific provider in the plea itself because it can change on a moment's notice.

    I will also point out your question was already answered in post #1 before you asked, in the Exceptions spoiler.

    As for risks; It's the internet. Your browser is a risk. Just being online is a risk. Every site you visit is a risk. Every person you talk to is a risk. Every software you use is a risk. They're all equally possible vectors and minorly probable and the bald face fact is that even if you do everything right you're still going to be a victim at some point thanks to holes in your security beyond your control, ala SASSER, so it's more practical to have mitigation in place than to try to stop every possible avenue of entry, which are unfortunately "everything".



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