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  1. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Running NoScript like programs makes it kind of a pain.

  2. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    So if we can't see the banner then the ad's are there? Frankly i can't see either and I don't remember doing any type of ad blocking.

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    Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    whitelisted it again, there's this thing i should have reported ages ago i guess.

    when i get a friend request, it's impossible for me to accept the friend request without disabling ads, cause 2 ads block the window.

  4. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Probably, but meh, effort.

    They're allegedly contextual, so whatever the thread contains in it should be partially responsible for what you see.

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    Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I get flash game, psvita, university and google ads
    not bad it's pretty much related to the zone where you are or something...

    not like the old youtube where they used to post things related to your searchs


  7. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I'll disable ABP on SP, but the only reason I had it enabled was because flash ads seriously pineapple with my page loading times.
    like, 30 seconds instead of 5 depending on the ad.
    my browser defaults to loading the ad's content before loading the page for some reason.

  8. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I don't use AdBlock, because I know this stuff is what keeps sites going. Plus, I'm not really annoyed by harmless ads like these ones anyways.

  9. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I'm glad this is being effective.

    I've never had problem with ads, except those that yell at you/play audio. My mind already auto ignores them, unless there's a hot chick on them.

    Long live SP!

  10. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Infinite cuteness goes a long way. It's why Koala's still exist, grumpy little buggers.

  11. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    ...and the ones that pop up from a side of the screen. There is this one ad that pops from bottom to top and you can't close until it's all out. God how I hate that one.

    I never had ad blockeds to begin with.

    Don't forget pandas.

  12. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Never blocked ads on SP. :p

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    Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Haven't used ARP, but in the event I do, I'll be sure to white list SP so they can get the revenue in order to survive.


  14. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    If you can't see either you're likely blocking all javascript, either just here, or period.

  15. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    That is complete bullpomegranate.
    Disabled Adblocker though.

  16. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I don't know how adblock got turned on for SP's ads but I've turned it off.

  17. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I never blocked ads on this site before, but that chinchilla makes me want to unblock them more. If only that was possible.

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    Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    Whitelisted SP. I don't want to see this site go down.

  19. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    ABP has been working in my background for ages, if I hadn't been reminded to look up in the address bar I would have never known I still had it.

    -Feels bad for all the other sites I visit for unknowningly leeching-

  20. Default Re: A heartfelt plea

    I've never blocked ads on anything. Its really not worth it, because they don't annoy me, or I don't notice them.



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