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Thread: Error Code 51.

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    I learned today that Nexon decided to smack this little atrocity onto my account. I was going to charge 10 bucks to get a character slot because I wanted to make a Wild Hunter. But those little details don't really matter.

    upon attempting to charge NX I was greeted with this:

    upon clicking the prepaid card option, that worked fine. Surveys also resulted in an error code 51. So I googled around a bit. It's a "ban" of sorts that nexon places on "suspicious" accounts in order to prevent fraudulent activities. So this leaves me confused. What could I have done to be flagged as a high risk account? I've never charged NX via paypal, and all of my credit card charges have gone through smoothly. I also bought prepaid relatively often when I was in town on errands. Whenever I felt like Nexon actually deserved money, in any case. (They never do.)

    I mentioned the problem to my girlfriend, and she checked her accounts as well. Her main account was alright, but one of her mule accounts which she hasn't had NX activity on since 2008, was error code 51'd. Why would a completely inactive account be banned for suspicious activities?

    After she did some more investigating with transactions she noticed that Nexon fixed the display issue where your current balance could show up as a negative balance. At the same time, however, she noticed after putting all of her transactions into microsoft xcel that her account had a negative total balance, or NX that was unaccounted for. I gave her my transaction history and she compared it with her two accounts and mine.

    Here is the spreadsheet between our three accounts.

    the account that is okay only has an unaccounted amount of 1.7%. While the two accounts that got 51'd have astounding %ages of 8.5 and 13.2.

    What is this unaccounted NX from? Easy. The old gifting system.

    None of our gifted NX from when the cash shop was first released is accounted for. I very heavily relied on this system back then because I didn't have a job, nor a credit card to use for NX. So me and her are under the belief that if you are over a certain %age of unaccounted / missing NX, your account gets automatically "banned" from credit related NX purchases.

    Thoughts? Comments? Any other theories out there? We were also thinking it was 3rd party related, but who knows.

    Has anyone else been very recently error code 51'd? Any of you out there who also relied on gifted NX all those years ago? We might be grasping at straws here, but any sort of info would help. Nexon refuses to tell what causes the error code 51 specifically, and states they will never lift it for security reasons, so I'm pretty much screwed out of Credit Card purchases.

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    My account has had that error for 4 years now, however this was for lagging in paypal lol.
    I think that the error/ban "spreads" to accounts logged on by the same ip and/or machine.

    I don't know if that is useful info to you, I don't have any evidence to back it up other than my mule accounts got the ban also when they have had 0 NX activity.

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    So THAT'S what that means.
    I have that problem too.

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    That's what I figure as well, but her main account is just fine, while her mule account is 51'd.

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    It's a good theory, but...

    I've used both of my accounts on my computer, as well as on two different computers on my network. I've also logged in while at Justin's house on my main account from my laptop. I believe he's logged into his account from both of my computers, as well as from his own computer connected to my network, at my house.

    At one time or another, all three of the accounts have been accessed from the same computer/IP address. o_o;

    It just doesn't make sense.

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    I just submitted a ticket under billing / credit card to try and get an answer from nexon about what it means.

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    Chances are you'll get an automated "GM reply" saying it's a "security feature" and that you can do absolutely nothing about it.

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    Well regardless, I generally buy nx prepaid at my local rite-aid when I actually want some nx, but I figure it'd be nice to know.

    If I get a response some time this millenia, I'll give you guys the rundown on what their "Official Response" on the matter is.

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    I don't mean to dig up an old thread but.....
    I'm just now having this problem, and I've been buying NX with credit/ or paypal for years, and always have enough money to cover it. I don't know why it would be flagged as problematic ._.

    Anyone have any solutions?

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    Default Re: Error Code 51.

    You can log a ticket detailing your long clean history, but it's unlikely to do anything.
    You'll be told it's a security feature, it's to protect your account (yeah, that's right), and they can't give details.
    You can use alternative means to charge NX, namely prepaid cards and PayByCash.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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    The answer I got from Nexon when I got this error was they thought I was being suspicious and that I didnt verify the email or something..but I very well didnt know that I was supposed to do in the end they ended up banning my account from charging. Even though they always got their money.

    This is the reply I got from Nexon when I asked why my account had been flagged and if they could remove the flag from that account.


    Edit : This was back in December 2011 when this happend to me.



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