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    have you heard of it?

    it is a nifty new app, that allows you to take payments with credit cards through your smartphone(currently only iPhones and iPads).

    I have tested it out, and it works really well.
    it's just like any online payment.
    enter credit card details
    enter amount
    choose which recipient gets the reciept

    it was released a week or two ago, and only a set amount of people got a free reader for their iDevice, and I was lucky to be one of them.

    lo and behold

    this is exteremely awesome

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    How closely did you read the Terms of Agreement?

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    why do you ask? I read them before signing up

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    This is probably really really close to advertising, which is against the TOS.

    It's just your wording. Change it to not be so...spokesman-ish.

    OT: My father has something very similar to this for when power outages occur at work, and have heard stories of girl scouts using something similar to sell cookies...

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    oh, that was not my intention, I just wanted to ask if people knew of it, maybe get a little thread going.

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    No NETS ?



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