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    Alright, so I've been wondering about this subject for a while. I'm well aware boss lines do in fact stack with each other, but what I'm asking is if there is a total % boss damage cap implemented in GMS. In game I have about 145% boss damage but it feels like a large chunk of my % boss damage isn't even being applied at all. There aren't many discussions made about this subject and Google didn't provide any insight either, heck even potential data tables didn't mention a thing about it. Has anyone else noticed this and/or could possibly provide any information about it?

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    More often than not it is just people failing to account for PDR of the bosses in question.

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    Possibly, but I factored in PDR too. Currently I'm sitting at 90% PDR ignore with a silent crusade set; it'd be 105% capped at 100% if I could finish my Leafre set. :(

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    Well include the relevant information and we can do the math. When in doubt, run the numbers

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    Demon Slayers are just retarded.

    I said it.

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    Last I heard Monster Boook PDR Ignore doesn't work.

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    That was fixed in the patch before this one.

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    To add onto what he's saying, demon slash (the regular attack button), doesn't seem to follow the %skill damage in the skill tab. I don't think anyone ever found conclusive evidence on how to calculate DS DPS exactly for all their skills.

    If you're going to test %boss damage, you should do it with a mercedes. I can tell you though that there is no cap.

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    Oops my bad, I am such a silly goose at times :x
    I didn't see it on Patch Notes or anything so I assumed Nexon never fixed it, glad they did though.

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    Sneak fix, most likely unintentional even. No wonder people missed it.

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    The bonus +280% damage from thrash is total damage and additive with boss damage, metamorphosis and i believe focused fury as well.

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    Currently sitting on 210% boss with the new nebulite system.

    It all works.
    I unequiped all of my gear except for my dagger and katara just to test it out.

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    Sorry for the late response, I can't always find the time to get on these days. Thanks for the information guys; I'm glad there isn't a cap. Also, I didn't know Demon Thrash functioned that way. Interesting.



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