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  1. Default Decent HB V2 (Decent SE as well!)


    Thank you @ThatWasMyKil, @Derosis, Wally, Steaky and @LadyJenJen for the help and cubes!

    I am not selling this pomegranate to ANYONE!

  2. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    I'd imagine the price on the item itself right now is pretty high. What sort of collateral would it even require, hah

  3. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Decent SE

  4. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    I bought the icy pants since all the lame pimentos kept getting sandblasted.

  5. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    How many did those take )=

    My friend's pooled their free cubes and took 80 on B rank to get to A, now they're on 30+A's and still no sign of HB. Cubed over 4% all stat and boss even T_T

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    Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Someone in my alliance got Decent SE and HB gems and he said it took him 43 Cubes to either get both or just HB. I can't remember :(

  7. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    I dont even know how many were used. I used 50 free cubes to go D->B. I then pooled cubes from friends, (probably 30ish) and we got DHB.

    Someone Donated a C Nebulite, ThatWasMyKil donated like...40 cubes of his own and we got it in 40 or so.

  8. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    For my decent SE took 54.
    Kinda sad the best part of this patch is almost completely cash shop reliant. lol.

  9. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Okay, this took way quicker than expected. LOL.

  10. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Where do you get Nebulites higher then D rank?

    Boxes only give D-rank and the kill 300 Alien Drillboss gives a B-rank

    What exactly drops other class Nebulites?

  11. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Nothing, it was probably a [D] rank + the free cube everyone got.

  12. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    His probably came from an alien cube. Rank D > C takes 1 cube always it seems.

    Dj opened like....1000 nebulite boxes and got NOTHING but D.

  13. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Wait wait, you can cube the Nebulites themselves too?

    I thought you could only use it on a Nebulited item?

    Didn't use my free cube though...

    Edit: Ah use it on the Nebulite, so that's how it works! :)

  14. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Sweet, SE'd all my characters. Thanks.

  15. Default Re: Decent HB V2

    NP Ooohey.

    IGN: ThatWasMyKil
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    Default Re: Decent HB V2

    Everything is quick with me.



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