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Thread: Anime and Art

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    I've always found it mysterious why art teachers despise everything that has to do with anime.

    I know, I should probably ask them- problem is, when I do, they can't answer my question. They stumble over their words for a few seconds or so looking for a reason to give and then hurriedly say something like 'because it's not art!' Further discussion is usually prohibited after that.

    I've had a look on Deviantart, and they have people going 'anime sucks' there as well.

    So I'm back here pondering... exactly which part is so grossly inferior that warrants this reaction, the art style, the Japanese aspect, or the entire medium? Exactly why is it so offensive?

    Also, it seems like there is a major disconnect between the art society and general society when it comes to anime. Ask a regular person and they'll usually say 'Anime? Drawing? Art, definitely.' Ask an art person and often they'll go 'Anime? NOT ART! Because it isn't. It just isn't. That's why.'

    This conundrum boggles my mind, it is far too much for my feeble brain to comprehend alone. Does anyone have any input on why 1) art doesn't recognize anime as part of itself and 2) art people hate anime?

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    Those are some pretty broad statements you got there. I don't see why an art teacher would have a problem with you drawing anime unless they gave you a specific set of instructions that weren't anime based like "try to draw a realistic looking person". If you drew Goku for that assignment the teacher would be all like

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    Not 'an'. All of the art teachers I've had in my life hate/dislike anime.

    I've asked other people from other countries, their art teachers hate anime too. In particular, one said that his anime teacher put up a pic of Goku (surprise?) and told everyone that if they ever drew like that they would always fail as an artist.

    For a while I thought it was only a few, one or two, but after seeing the results of further inquiry it's got to be more than sheer coincidence.

    Thing is, the art teachers also tend to be very partial towards Western animation (liking Pixar and Disney in particular). I find it strange, it's like their opinions are mirrored images of otaku (omg cartoons sux anime roolz v.s. omg cartoons roolz anime sux).

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    The anime style in itself is simplified, deformed and distorted in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and a lot of novice artists try and start learning how to draw by using it. They then wonder why all their other drawings look completely wrong, using the anime proportions they've learned in everything they draw since it's how they learnt it, not realising that anime was in fact based upon the foundations laid out by what real people actually look like.

    When someone tells you that "anime isn't art" on the internet they're more likely than not being an elitist twat, overgeneralising or are trying too hard, but at the same time, starting out learning how to draw using the anime style is a terrible idea since it breeds bad drawing habits when it comes to learning anything else. Study the realistic foundations/proportions of the human body and realistic environments before trying to distort anything.

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    I only referred to one art teacher for the sake of giving my example.

    Without going to a bunch of art teachers myself and asking them if they allow anime drawings in their art class, there wouldn't really be a way to prove you wrong or right unless someone already did a study on it.

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    Cartooning also simplifies, deforms and distorts the human form.

    Thing is, nobody bothers venturing down that line of thinking.

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    You'll have elitists everywhere. If you play D&D, a lot of people complained that Paizo's Pathfinder art were too anime looking, which I found absurd.

    One of the animation schools near me ― iirc they're one of the top 10 in the world ― will look down at you if you draw anime-style characters, so a lot of the students do this stuff in secret. However, one or two art teachers at a college near me actually work for UDON. While they don't care if you do anime looking stuff, they want your drawings to look damn good because like Onion Knight said, majority of anime-style stuff is just the simplified version of the human body.

    Edit zzzz
    The West's take on caricatures is different than Japan. If you think about the usual JRPG vs WRPG debate, the West tends to be more expressive while the East focuses a lot on narrative.

    Caricatures tend to go farther when exaggerating the human body language. Look at The Incredibles.

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    I didn't mean 'what do you know' in the sense you seem to be taking it; I was expressing surprise at the coincidence involved. (i.e you mentioned Goku, wha-hey someone else mentioned Goku as well) I'm sorry if you understood it the wrong way, I suppose I was too ambiguous.

    Trust me, I'm pretty sure I'm reading this right. I've been observing this for some time now. Art teachers hate anime.

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    Default Re: Anime and Art

    Anime isn't Art just as pulp fiction isn't Literature and pop songs aren't Music.
    Basically, if your average philistine enjoys it, it can't possibly have any artistic value.

    Anyway, as long as you have an art teacher, it behooves you to learn whatever you can from them. Even if you intend to draw manga/anime for the rest of your life, it can't hurt to learn a much broader range of styles and techniques.

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    The point is, Onion said that anime is simplified, deformed and distorted. So are cartoons. If drawing anime straightaway causes bad habits to develop, the same can be said for cartooning straightaway. However, there is extreme hate for the former while the latter tends to be hand-waved. Obviously there must be some other reason behind things.

    Anime also exaggerates human body language- however, the size of the eyes is there to bump up the aesthetic appeal. Unless you're trying to measure 'right or wrong' on a scale (which honestly isn't possible) then anime and cartooning fare pretty equally on that side of things. They both distort, exaggerate and deform for their own purposes, however different those purposes might be.

    Just because those purposes are different doesn't make one inferior to the other.

    Look, I'm not centred on anime. I draw real people all the time, I sketch horizons, I digitally painted Hayley Williams in photoshop the other day. The point is not that I don't want to learn these other styles. Hell, the point isn't that I don't want to use what I know about these styles. The point is why do art people hate anime?

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    *sigh* There really isn't anything other than a lot of these art people are snobs. It's a new, foreign thing to them. I know a few people who hated anime/manga until they watched/read it and went "Hey, this isn't so bad!"

    It's probably some cultural thing. I wouldn't be surprised if it were reversed over there since I know a few Japanese who hate Disney/Pixar and think Toei/Ghibli are gods.

    I'd talk more about the art itself, but it would just turn into compare Western cartoons/games to East's anime/games in what they're show-and-telling the audience and how that effects the aesthetics.

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    Outside of the legitimate concerns of an art teacher whose entire paycheck revolves around making people better artists in general (which the anime style doesn't help with) it ends up being entirely subjective. As soon as something starts being subjective it's not really worth stressing over why others don't think the same way as you.

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    To be fair, cartooning is probably as bad (perhaps even worse than) anime when you're talking about anatomical knowledge damage. You're drawing anthropomorphic animals, barbie doll waists and grossly exaggerated humans for god's sake, at least with anime you're drawing semi-realistic people with lantern eyes, minute noses/mouths and (sometimes) barbie doll waists. Still closer to real life IMO, if you consider the limb lengths and proportions.

    And yet the art teachers happily go for the cartoons over the anime. It makes no sense I tell ya!

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    Haseo, your country does come up with the weirdest things on education. I'd chalk it up to teacher arrogance.

    Anime is an art just like any other, if american cartoons and comics are art, then so is anime. And of course there's badly drawn anime just as much as there's badly drawn western cartoons.

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    I heard about something like for a lot of new artists, people will tend to try to start with anime. But since basic anime style is all-around the same kind of style, you end up just conforming with it and not developing your own kind of thing. You end up drawing what looks good in general rather than what defines your style.

    Whilst cartoons don't really have a defined style and are so grossly deformed to each artist, you could claim something as your own if you start through that kind of route.

    I can sorta see resentment if every student starts up art class and their drawings all look like generic anime X. It represents less creativity I guess? Not saying the top tier anime artists are all the same of course, but those top artists are way past the phase of learning basic proportions.

    Just something I'm throwing out there.

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    I definitely see your point, it would explain why teachers would be reluctant to let students draw anime. Haseo's teachers are still stupid though because they won't just explain to him why he can't draw anime, the teachers were probably instructed that anime wasn't art and students shouldn't draw them without having the real reason for it (or they just don't care enough to explain it to their students).

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    Default Re: Anime and Art

    Anime is basically Japanese cartoons. You don't think your art teacher would allow you to draw American cartoons, right?

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    Wait, is this the guy from Singapore or Malaysia? Because everything makes sense now. ( ̄д ̄)

  19. Default Re: Anime and Art

    I'm not sure now, but I think it's Singapore.

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    Default Re: Anime and Art

    Maybe because Anime its not abstract enough? Real art its like sneazing with a bloody nose in a white wall or some pomegranate like that am i right?

    The less sense it does, the more artsy it is right?/sarcasm...?



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