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  1. Default *Sigh* Arizona...

    Not even sure how they function as a state now.

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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Dafuq did I just read...

    This is wrong, so wrong.

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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...


    It feels like i just time traveled back to a darker age.

  4. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    I hate everything about this state other than the weather. I'm gonna have to become an activist to try and speak louder than the unlimited amount of right-wing morons this state houses.

    Also, see this ridiculous waste of money/time/energy people are STILL getting their panties in a wad about:

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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    When religion ruled the world, it was called the Dark Ages.

    This is just disgusting.

  6. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Further evidence that Republicans should not be allowed to vote.

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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...


  8. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    I hate the weather too.

  9. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    The only problem with this is that they aren't repealing all of the things the state mandates employers to cover. The bill takes the state law from "employers offering health plans must cover contraception" to appending "only if the recipient proves a medical condition necessitating it"

    generally, musts are bad

    unless you hate freedom

  10. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    I wish they kept the current law, but this isn't that big of an issue to me. If there is a privacy violation it will be struck down by the supreme court.

  11. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Then you've never lived in the midwest. Weather is tits out here compared to Michigan. I don't want to have to go back.

  12. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    It seems like there's a reminder for me to go to an out of state college every day.

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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    This is just..stupid.
    >Pay for contraceptives...


    >Pay for all the doctor appointments and hospital bills that come with pregnancy.


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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...


    >Fire the employee when she gets pregnant.

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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Or that =/ it's really unfortunate that some companies do that.

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    Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Wat is dis I dunt even

    If by any extreme chance this bill passes, this bill will no doubt be struck down by federal courts because its a blatant violation of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

  17. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Why should health insurance cover your birth control???? If you don't want kids, don't have sex.

    You're basically asking everyone else to pay a higher premium so you can have sex for pleasure.

    If you want to have sex, pay for it out of your own pocket.

  18. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Contraceptives are sometimes used for medicinal purposes. It's even in the article you should have read. The issue is, birth control shouldn't be something that you'd require permission to use. Especially as some of the medical uses of birth control pills are used to combat stuff that shouldn't really be diagnosed shouldn't have to be diagnosed to be treated right away, like heavy periods.
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  19. Default Re: *Sigh* Arizona...

    Not sure why you're even pointing that out? The article already says they are still covered if used for medical purposes. The second part of your point is laughable. It's like saying I want to take Viagra for my heart condition. If you got a problem like heavy periods, talk to your doctor and have him prescribe something that is sold for the purpose of treating it.



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