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  1. Cash5 I forgot my maplestory pic!!

    I first played maplestory many years ago, and quit just after they introduced that 2nd pin thing. but now i want to play again i can't rmb what pin i used.

    The thing is...i also forgot my asiasoft id and pw. and i forgot what email i linked to the asiasoft acc so i can't send myself the information. the only thing i rmb is the maplestory id and pw really. so is there any way that i can either retrieve my asiasoft acc if i've forgotten everything, or bypass the pic?

    and my friend who quit about the same time as me was prompted to make a new pic, instead of using her old one. why is that?

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    It sounds like you may just be out of luck.

    If I remember right you could just send the PIC reset link to your email and go through the ones you do remember and see if it ends up there, or maybe see if when you log into your account from the website if it tells you the email you used, since I'm pretty sure it does and you don't need your PIC for that. Otherwise, it sounds like you may just need to start over.

    Good luck.

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    There might be a different protocol for Asiasoft. I suggest logging in through the website and checking your account info. You should be able to get in through the mapleSEA site, but if you can't, try sending forgotten ID requests to your emails.

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    i believe you need to contact Asiasoft office and show proof you own that account. that is how my friend got her account back few years ago (faxed info to them). we play from the US, so theres no way to make a trip to SG or Malaysia offices just to unlock accounts ;x

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    There's no way to bypass the second password if you forget it and couldn't login your Asiasoft Passport.

    About your friend though, maybe he never create a second password in the first place. I have a lot of accounts which I never create a second password and is prompted to create a new second password everytime I login.

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    haha thanks guys. i think i'll just start over. it's easier to lvl now anyway!



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