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Thread: Goddamnit Bera

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    Getting your panties in a wad over this fool <<

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    Naw. I still have some questions though.

    I never did see him until 06. Back then the game was small enough to hear about MOST players, especially the high leveled ones. Then Fangblade comes out of nowhere, and surpasses Eddie and everyone beneath him.

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    I just don't understand why he doesn't reply to anything. Not the social type I guess.

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    He was right beside me, fleeing from the groupies lol xD

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    Surprise come back? I thought he quit the day of, or after, he hit 200.

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    he literally came out of nowhere, got to 200, and left.

    iirc this happened almost after 2x tickets were placed in the cash shop.

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    About 3-4 months after they came out ya
    I was 7x when they came out and I remember gobying when tiger was 15x and lved slowly as pineapple 7x-10x

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    Nah, he still plays (or played) every once in a while.

    I remember back when he was level 150ish and near top rank position, I asked him to help me and my friends defeat a Pianus and he only whispered me to contact me and said, "Sorry, our group doesn't do that anymore."

    I'm not sure why. He was only at Gobies. That wasn't too far away. I guess it was too hard back then and the chance to lose 10% was too great.

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    He always seemed like a super elitist imo.
    The type that WILL not talk to you unless you are close to his level.. Then again if I got that reception every time i logged on. I'd stay quiet too.

    Surprised he hasn't gotten hacked. perhaps one of the remaining old school "celebrities" that hasn't

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    According to rumor, he was only on for a guild reunion. Contacted via a Facebook group for his guild, apparently.

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    inb4 he was hacked


    No, really. I hope that doesn't happen to him. But seeing how even GMs were.. meh.

    Now that I think about it, he doesn't seem to have anything very worthy though. Not super-godly equips or stuff like that. So I doubt hackers would target him afterall.

    Good to see he still plays once in a while!

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    he started appearing when ludi was opened i believe. i met and trained with him since 7x at ludi and we got to around 10x at grims and other popular spots that came after grims (goby, himes, skels). he's not the social type...meaning he only talks to people he's comfortable to...and will spend 99% of his time on maple grinding, which explains why he surpassed everyone

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    I woulda thought just his name would be worth alot more than some of the stuff out there that is duped to hell and back.

    Doesn't he even have a quest or something involving him?

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    Yes, the Evan mount quest.
    Also think the same, a hacker could get his account just to make stuff with fangblade name on it.

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    True that.

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    I almost hopped on for that, but I didn't think anyone would take a stupid facebook group seriously. Plus, I needed to sleep.

    Oh well.

    But yeah, I can confirm facebook group reunion thing. I didn't think fangblade was part of the group, but maybe some people who were closer with him told him to come on? I dunno... I don't know him at all, barely even remember ever sering him around back when I used to play either.

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    I'm a little surprised people remember him, given it's been nearly 5 years since he played... I guess he's still the top ranked player in GMS for life though.

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    Everyone that use the main site sees his picture and his choice of style (or lack there of) is memorable.



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